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What type am I?


New member
Apr 13, 2018

What type am I based off this info

INFO (other players Said about me)

• Factual, prefer hard facts

•Plan everything in advance. Adaptable if need be

•Blunt and tell it as Is

• On time


• Try to keep things equal and fair. Hypocrisy is a big pet peeve. (Politics,religion, etc) Will stand up against hypocrisy or unfairness


•Obsess over meanings

• Cautious

• I think rules and regulations are necessary

•Thrive on comfort and predictability

•Love space and science and gothic horror

•Logical and Rational

•Good at bridging gaps with communication if there's a misunderstanding

• Impatient

• Not super rebellious or chaotic. I don’t follow blindly simply because someones labeled an “authority figure” I follow because I believe they deserve and earned their titles of authority through actual work and logic.

Im a liberal atheist and to my parents and city I grew up in could be seen as rebellious though. I believe it to be logical but in this town its more uncommon.

• Somewhat selfish

• Goofy around family and close friends

• Can be aggressive

• Easily stand up for myself

• Weightlift everyday, like working out

• Knowledge is important and believe everyone should have opportunities to learn

• Very protective and loyal

• Competitive and don't like losing

• If I have a particular type of “day” in mind, I don’t usually like straying from it. But it depends on what things happen. If the deviation is suddenly going to a Halloween store(I love Halloween time and horror movies) then I’m sure I'll enjoy it

• I'm persistent though some would say relentless. I'm determined. I do however like to joke around and be goofy to people close to me. I know how to keep conversations going and control the room if I want to.

• I'm somewhat traditional. But their my own traditions

• Always learning something

• Practical/Pragmatic

• Logical and analytical. Very important to me.

• Confident

• On time don't like being late

• My way of thinking is thinking “ like a funnel” always asking people their opinions and trying to categorize their answers in my mind or argue against why they should think differently. Taking these bigger concepts or stories and wielding them down.

• I'm flexible. I prefer planning but can be flexible if things come up. Overall all I want is that I'M the one who chooses and dictates what I do.

• I want the freedom to choose to have a schedule or not. If I plan something its essentially set in stone. I have a morning routine that If interrupted I make sure I go right back to it asap. I hate having things sprung on me


Well-known member
Sep 17, 2014
You're a list maker.

Try writing in paragraphs :)


Jun 20, 2018
Instinctual Variant
ISTP, ISTJ or INTJ purely based on vibe. You seem to have either Ni or Si dynamic going on.