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Am I INTP, INFP, ENTP or ENFP? (also what Enneagram type do you think I am?)

Sep 29, 2021
Instinctual Variant
  • What angers me includes being controlled and infantilized, inefficiency, someone else choosing things for me (e.g. furniture) that happens to be ugly, and loud people with too much energy.
  • I am very selfish and misanthropic. I hate people. I hoard food in my bedroom, shop for groceries separately, and get extremely angry whenever someone else eats my food without my permission. I also always want the kitchen to myself and get very angry and also uncomfortable whenever I have to share a kitchen with others.
  • I am confident I am ELVF RLUEI phlegmatic-melancholic. The rest of my personality is an enigma. I relate to every enneagram type other than 1, 2 and 3. The socionics type I think I might be is EII.
  • I have always been extremely disorganized, yet I have a very strict daily routine.
  • I find overly logical people to be condescending and rude.
  • I'm extremely introspective and I'm constantly trying to find out who I am. I love to express myself and I'm constantly refining my own style. If I had a clearer sense of identity and if I was certain of my type and content with it then I would be a lot happier.
  • I'm easily bored and have a very short attention span. I constantly need to be doing something.
  • I am easily disturbed by sudden loud noises.
  • I am mostly completely emotionally flat and numb, however suffer from an almost constant subtle anxiety about what happens after death due to the recurring nightmares I have telling me that the afterlife is real and that it is an eternal black void. Occasionally I have outbursts of strong emotion, that can get so extreme that I scream, I throw objects, and I write on walls. It's as if I have two distinct personalities: my calm logical self and my hysterical crybaby self.
  • I prefer close intimate one-to-one conversations with people who I have very close relationships. I hate being interrupted or intruded upon. I am extremely picky with who I speak to and who I interact with.
  • I hate the 2020s in general. I really want to live circa 1983-2003. I feel as though I was born in the wrong generation.
  • I hate popular music. I listen to UK garage, drum and bass, trance, eurodance and alternative rock from the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s.
  • My brother believes that I am INFJ 5w4 549. He claims he doesn't know the difference between Ne and Ni, or just MBTI cognitive functions in general. He is shit at typing things and people, e.g. he typed psychedelic rock as "INFJ 7w6 672" (no joke). He is an INTP 5w4 514 but believes he is INFP 4w5 415. He also doesn't give a crap about typology systems other than MBTI and enneagram. He claims that I'm "untypable" or "impossible to type" or "full of contradictions".
  • My intelligence is very important to me. I really really fucking like it if someone believes that I'm intelligent and/or if they type me as an XNTP. If someone believes that I'm dumb, and/or a sensor/feeler then I feel really bad about myself. I am very anxious about how others perceive me.
  • I don't believe that science explains everything. I also believe in spirituality. I'm open to the possible existence of an afterlife or higher powers/divine beings.
  • Partially due to my judgemental brother who describes normies as "sluglike" or "simlike", I feel different to and look down on most other people.
Bear in mind I have autism. I discovered the 16Personalities test and typed as INTP as a psuedo-intellectual 13-year-old in 2019 and to this day I still don't know my type. I could be INTP sp5, ENTP sp7, INFJ sx5, INFP so4, ISFP sx4, or ISTP sp9. The question of the majorest concern is if I use Ni or Ne. Pretty much all of the time I am contemplating the different archetypes in my mind. Thinking about different settings/aesthetics/vibes and the kind of people represented by them and making similarities between them. I am reluctant to share this mental imagery with others because it makes me feel uncomfortable for some unknown reason, but examples include magnolia walls, red brick buildings, women with auburn hair; or goths, weed, forests. I don't have names for these 'archetypes' (and I don't even know what to call them), yet they are the foundation of the multitude of disposable characters I invent in my imagination (I am constantly creating new imaginary people, forgetting about certain ones, but they may re-visit my writing in years to come) which are in turn written about in the funny imaginary scenarios I write. Most of the scenarios I write are humorous in nature, nonetheless they could otherwise be conceived of as creepy or uncomfortable (every so often I imagine something that causes me to feel uncomfortable to the point of interfering with something I was doing, or was worsened by something I hate such as crowds or the prescence of someone who I don't like). I take inspiration from the world around me for my ideas and I get hunches about the details of my paracosm randomly. I am sometimes caught laughing at nothing in particular, because I am imagining something funny.
I read a post on r/Enneagram written by someone enquiring which type has the hardest time sitting still, and everyone in the comments stated sp7. I relate to that a lot, but I ought to remember that just because one relates to a certain trait associated with a certain Enneagram type doesn't mean one automatically is that given type. I have to constantly be doing something and have difficulty remaining disengaged, and most of the time I am either using the net (Reddit is my most used website, followed by online personality tests), playing video games (must be old because I hate anything modern. I own a NES), reading books, or solving puzzles from a puzzle magazine. I have a strict daily routine and strict times for doing things which would indicate high conscientiousness and/or a 1 fix, yet at the same time I have always been extremely disorganized and messy which would be a symptom of otherwise.
Pretty much everyone on the net types me as an Fi dom sx468 or so469 RLUEI 1E, but I often don't think I could be one because I don't have a strong moral compass, I am mostly completely unemotional (but suffer from occasional outbursts and tantrums), and I'm not particularly artistic (other than my writing, obviously). However, whenever I do experience emotion I feel it very intensely and easily express it, I think about myself a lot and sometimes get accused of being selfish, I'm extremely introspective, I'm picky with a lot of things (especially aesthetics. I love to express myself by wearing clothing I like and decorating my house the way I want) and romanticize the 1980s and 1990s, and I worry too much about how others perceive me.
In general others would describe my personality by the adjectives: quiet, creative, intelligent, honest, funny/witty (even though I perceive myself to be the opposite of that), introspective, curious, selfish, overthinker.


Well-known member
Sep 17, 2014
Unless this is just a bad troll, you're a clear ESTJ. I am sure about that.