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Type me pls? INFP? ENFP?


New member
May 21, 2024
My enneagram is always either 4w5 on tests. I just wanna see if it's true. The High Ne in tests is always present.

(Sorry for the broken english)

People always describe me as very intelligent, but I don't believe it is a compliment.. Because everyone is intelligent in something (Writing and Self-Expression, Math, Sports, and basically any field). My psychologist said that I'm good at replying or analyzing, for example replying the answer before he gives it or when he takes the time to find a word. My friends say that I'm good at giving advice (curiously though, I just like to speak and write.. Probably not even expecting the advice to work.. I just like to get inspired and express myself)

I always were hypersensitive.. I'm explosive, easily irritated, and I cry easily and get easily affected by things too.. It's always been like that and in my family from my mother side there's a wide history of depression and anxiety (possibly OCD too)

When I was a kid my dad said that I talked too much.. But after growing up there was a contrast and I was more reserved. I end up saying the most random, crazy or weird things even without even trying.. When I express myself or when people let me express myself it always ends up being controversial, or for some reason I make people feel uncomfortable.. even when I don't really want that. When writing, I always try to reunite all the possible info and re-read till it's good enough.

The type of things that I like on the internet include listening to music and reading about anything. I can read an entire discussion of 100 comments between two people. I also procrastinate a lot, when I'm about to finish something I end up looking for a certain symptom I have or had a week ago, or why certain thing happened in a movie.. I can change things or want variety often.

I seek knowledge even if it won't be useful, I just need knowledge, knowing about things, solid knowledge in everything I can.. for feeling good about myself.

I can discuss with people or make arguments, noticing about incorrect data, noticing about mistakes.. But when proving my point, I base on doing more extra research just for confirming or for a better built comment.

I'm weird with emotional response or when people ask for emotional advice.. I just think about what to say.. I don't know what even happens through my mind at that moment. Definitely I change or adjust my behavior when I'm with people sometimes, I change my voice tone even at times.. It happens naturally that I want to be "nice". Maybe I'm now reserved because I have many problems when I say what I want. Social codes or norms are something I would say I normally respect, I naturally smile to others and laugh.

When getting information I tend to think in unique ways I can use that information, I think about all the possibilities and I can get really creative in the process. The thing of creating/developing ideas or concepts (not always sharing them but just playing with things and patterns) sound fascinating to me and seems like a very active and comfortable behavior.

When decision making.. I think a lot.. Too much.. About the problem, why I'm in such situation, why it happened, I think about all the possibilities.. which decision will be the best one, what will happen with this decision and with this other. And when making that decision, I would probably think that another one was better. I tend to overthink and it's not a comfortable process for me or I just feel that the very serious focus is not particularly one of my strengths. I don't lead, and I don't like to follow either.. I just prefer to have my own rhythm.

When interacting with the outer world.. I like to hear ideas or interesting things that I can add into my own inner world of ideas or scenarios. I interact with the outer world looking for inspiration.

I would prefer to be in a quiet and not loud place, more private so I prefer to work alone in private as well. I feel most comfortable in my own world. I think I'm equally creative with other people as I am when I'm alone idk if that's a thing but I've noticed.

My biggest fear is being seen as ignorant.. Not knowing about things enough, not having experience. I can push myself for being better.

I feel that my actions are somehow driven by the need to be original, artistic/full of aesthetic or authentic. My talents or greatest strenghts have always been found in the artistic/self-expression field.

I always were terrible at sports.. I don't really pay attention to what's going on with my surroundings.. People often say I have my head on the clouds. I often get lost with my thoughts.. People will often find me looking somewhere and even touching my chin in the process.. Probably thinking it's something severe.. But no.. I'm just that way always..

When it comes to the future and studying, I always think that I'm capable of so many things. I want to do lots of things, try lots of things too. Or.. doing too much because I want to feel proud, it's never enough.

I can get quite nostalgic.. I can miss things or wish I could return to certain situations from the past, probably living that moment again. I do get emotional if certain things remind me of other ones that happened and gave me either a good or bad experience. I'm always thinking about past mistakes, or how what I could've say would've been way better. The future gives me anxiety or stress when it comes to planning because I'm not that good organizing myself.. I end up being messy somehow or changing things at the last moment.. It's far from being perfect. I do get disappointed with how things are.. I would imagine something better or I would try to change how things are. At times people will call me disciplined or efficient, but just if no one else is doing something or moving.. I will have to push for things myself in that case.

So, it's what I can say about myself, it's what I believe to be the most important. Thank you for reading.