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This is Paris


self murderer
Nov 27, 2015
Instinctual Variant
The last bit of the documentary made me start crying. She mentioned something about trauma being held in the body and I felt that so much. And the way she would be teary in the midst of talking about these things reminded me of how weepy I would be talking about my own traumas with people.. I think it's good that she's taking a strong stand for this. Hollywood has so many fucked up secrets that deserves to be shined upon. I'm disappointed in her parents, to be honest.


Mar 20, 2008
Paris Hilton is the perfect cultural icon - Paris is boyish, famous with not one but two famous names, an A grade celebrity, fabulously wealthy, blonde, but what sets her aside is the neurosis she wears publicly on her sleeve.

We want to be like her, and we can see she is emotionally vulnerable like us.

And most of all, Paris Hilton is immersed in our Attention Economy, and as a celebrity Paris has gained more attention than the rest of us.

Paris Hilton is attention rich, and we are attention poor, so we look wistfully and enviously, and wish we were her, so we adopt her as our cultural icon.