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Since I'm bored can you type me in socionics ?


Feb 13, 2022
What is beauty? What is love?

Beauty is something that we cannot summarize in a few words, not even in a thousand lines, something we find all around us, but unfortunately we rarely appreciate it or notice its existence or even see it for what it is.

Beauty is life itself

Love (in general): It is the feeling of a spiritual bond between you and things, that you have a passion for it,

(if in a relationship): Something happens to us without our will, lets us look at things from a sweeter perspective, love is to sacrifice yourself and your needs for the benefit of the other party, to be ready to live your life with him and remain despite all circumstances

What are your most important values?

I can't remember any particular thing

Do you have any sort of spiritual/religious beliefs, and why do you hold (or don't) those beliefs in the first place?

Religious beliefs

Although I don't always do my religious duties in general, but my beliefs and my moral compass come from religion in the first place.

I began to be interested in religion from my childhood because I was born into a secular family that practices some religious rituals, and I studied in a kindergarten whose owners are religious, so I took lessons in religion, and with time I began to wonder more about religions and atheism and our real life : Who runs it?

Despite that, these beliefs, the extent of their strength varies from one period to another

I hold it because I believe in it, I do not stick to it from the principle of 'I am the best and I must impose my beliefs on others', but I see it as something personal

What have you had long conversations about? What are your interests? Why؟

My interests with friends who have the same interests

I talk with my friends about what happens in our lives , what happens in the world ( important events ) , our work

My interests are: Strange phenomena (ghosts, disappearances, things like that, although I don't always look for them) , Running , listening to songs , making collages , Meet new people and talk to acquaintances from time to time , philosophy ( I used to think it was boring before, but now my opinion has changed, though I don't search for it much either) , playing chess

I want to try martial arts and theatrical performance when I get the chance ( I'm busy these days but that won't stay for a long time )

Interested in health/medicine as a conversation topic? Are you focused on your body?

I have a concern for the health of the people close to me

For me, sometimes I have a slight concern for my health when I feel something unexpected or someone coughs near me in transportation

On the other hand, I forget the dates of my medication and I need someone to remind me about it, and I do not stick to something healthy, such as healthy eating or diet, etc., and it is usual to go without a mask (but I use it if I get sick so as not to transmit the infection to others and rarely for backup)

I have a kind of self care : I eat and sleep ( but mostly not in a healthy way ) , I also relax on Thursday because it's the last day of work in the week ( my relax also includes running inside the house , I know it's strange but that's me ).

What do you think of daily chores?

Usually I don't even look at it, but if a family member asks me for something I will do, and I pay little attention to providing the needs and necessities of the house in general, if I lived in a house alone (I think about that one or two times every year but honestly I don't do anything to do that ), I will take care from time to time
Sometimes I get mad at my sister for neglecting to clean around her, and though I may make my surroundings look like it just came out of a hurricane, I can't stand my sister's excessive neglect (eg I put things that accidentally fall on the ground back to ehere it was in a chaotic manner, but my sister does not do that and she leaves them behind carelessly, that provokes me)

Books or films you liked? Recently read/watched or otherwise. Examples welcome

It's been a long time since I've read a book

and I rarely watch movies ( well I do this a lot when Exams are approaching). I still I follow the news of movies and series sometimes, but I am more focused on music

In my list , there's " the others "

I saw a review about it and it sounded fantastic so I want to watch it soon

I like the animated movie 'The Last Night Before Halloween', especially the main character Jack, I really like the combination of his evil look with his personality traits, I also like the story of the movie (Yes, I am this person who, despite his selfishness sometimes, likes to see people feel happy, especially if they are close to him)

I also like Lady Bird Christine if you know her , there is a similarity between me and her at some stage in my life, although I partially gave up my desire to travel far from my country (at least in the coming years), but I cannot deny the extent of the similarity between us

I also like Mavis

We both stayed locked up for a long time and then went out to explore life (well I haven't explored it as well as I want yet but at least I don't sit inside a place between 4 walls, this is disgusting even though I like to sit at home sometimes and relax a little )

What has made you cry? What has made you smile? Why?

When I knew that I was fully capable of studying what I did not study before the exam, but something was dragging me down and repeating that I was unable and there was no other possibility than failure, I know that this thing is not true and that I can at least study a good portion of the exam , but I felt so lazy and I kept being distracted ( there were a lot of lessons that I did not study at the time because I do not like the commitment to follow the lessons + I do not like school and studying in my country a lot because it does not benefit me and was replaced by a few books or online courses )

What made me smile : getting out of depression, seeing beautiful things happen to the people I love, fulfilling my desires even if they are simple, walking in the rain

Where do you feel: at one with the environment/a sense of belonging?

The environment in which I am comfortable and able to behave myself and do various activities in it ( I'm not a social butterfly , but I don't have any difficulty in making new friends although most of them will turn into a superficial relationship in which I say hello to them when I see them, sometimes I feel a little internal tension between wanting to be alone with what amuses me and between talking to more people I know

Despite this, I do not have a great affiliation with places,

Environments and people for me are stations in my life journey

I prefer to change the environment in which I live every two or three years

However, when I pass by the neighborhood in which I spent my childhood, I smile and look around a lot. There is no great sense of belonging and nostalgia, but I am happy to be here, and I remember situations that happened in the place I look at

What have people seen as your weaknesses? What do you dislike about yourself?

Sometimes careless

I run away from my problems (even though I know how to solve them in clever ways and have solved some instant problems quickly in the past)

(If) I planned a big plan and someone destroyed it or an unexpected circumstance, the first reaction of nervousness and annoyance, and maybe crying and blaming, but I will act after that and solve the problem
Though I'm not 100% spontaneous or improvised.

sometimes I feel like an attention seeker and talk a lot about myself to others

I like funny atmosphere but I don't know how to make it (I tell jokes, but it's not always funny)

Sometimes I live in a bohemian way without a clear purpose

Sometimes I secretly spy on people I haven't seen in a long time on social media and I get used to it even though I have no feelings for them or a reason to do this

I give to others for free and sometimes sacrifice my needs, but when one of them goes too far, I get angry and remind him how much I gave him but he didn't deserve it ( My sister, for example, relies on me a lot, and the matter has developed to the point that if I didn't do what she wants correctly, she says about me as stupid, once she told me and I let her go because I was reckless and made mistakes while I helped her ، But the second time - a day later - when she said it, I yelled at her and told her that her life depended on me as fulfilling her desires and that she did not know how to do anything on her own, and I did not do anything to her for a day and I provoked her whenever I had the opportunity )

I consider this a negative aspect because when I make sacrifices or services or give up needs, this is without waiting for me in return (well, I do not make sacrifices all the time and sometimes I am selfish, but it still exists)

I do not know how to sympathize with people's problems

Sometimes I miss the excitement in my life but not always

What have people seen as your strengths? What do you like about yourself?

People say I'm :


quickly learn what grabs my attention ( I stick to it for a long time if it catches my interest until I feel bored , and I often come back to it even if after a few years, only if it catches my interest enough)

I was told more than once that the job of a psychiatrist suits me (in my opinion, not always, especially if I do not feel the desire to care for others, or I am annoyed).

In what areas of your life would you like help?

Help : Helping others understand what they do not understand, and meeting their needs as long as they do not conflict with my desires

Receive help : Anything I don't know how to do

However , I sometimes run from my problems always and pretend like everything is okay, and I refuse any kind of help from people

Ever feel stuck in a rut? If yes, describe the causes and your reaction to it.

distracted by trivial matters all day without doing anything useful , moving, eating, drinking and having fun on the phone without a good reason

Angry for a long time, fight with people faster than usual, eat a lot and provoke people with With my actions and my words

What qualities do you most like and dislike in other people? What types do you get along with?

I don't like: foiling the successful and raising the trivial

There is no specific type explicitly

Every type I meet someone I feel how I'm different from him , later I see the similarity if it exists

But in general, my ENTJ friend (in functions, not letters), we have great ease in communicating, yet we are different and have a different opinion about the same topic

How do you feel about romance/sex? What qualities do you want in a partner?

Romance is important for the continuation of the relationship, no relationship or family is complete without a kind of friendship between the two parties

Sex in general is essential to the continuation of the human race ( although I sometimes feel it's boring somehow ) , good sex is important too

I don't have a specific preference for a partner, but I want to live a simple life with him full of happiness and some adventures

Never gonna lie I want to have a boyfriend , but sometimes I feel ashamed because of that , When I was in middle school I was rumored that I was in love with a student in the next class, and I was made fun of by other students for this, I may not always remember this but it stuck in my mind because it was like a nightmare I can't get rid of it

Also, sometimes I do not focus on attracting one person because I may feel bored with him, even though I am able to commit if I enter into a relationship

If you were to raise a child, what would be your main concerns, what measures would you take, and why?

Nothing would worry me except that he might be influenced by bad guys

I'll let him explore everything, I'll let him engage in recreational activities, I'm going to be strict in education and want him to be polite and disciplined, I won't leave him without getting what he deserves (as much as I can of course), though strict I'll also be obviously flexible because I know I'm not dealing with a military man in the army

In short, let him enjoy his childhood as much as possible

In the family I will maintain education, because it is very important, but education will focus on important life experiences more than the traditional school ، Fun activities and creative educational courses are things that my kids should definitely try

A friend makes a claim that clashes with your current beliefs. What is your inward and outward reaction?

Hmmm, according to the degree and type of attack and the type of beliefs, are they religious, social opinions or something else?

I may ignore him , I may argue with him, I may cancel our friendship if he is an adult, I can let the matter go if it is small

In any case, I will be annoyed with him

Describe your relationship to society. How do you see people as a whole? What do you consider a prevalent social problem? Name one.

I want to fit in , to be admired in the society
I sometimes feel a strange feeling when I meet people
Sometimes I act socially weird, and sometimes I make some social mistakes even though I'm aware of them, I may scold myself a little and feel a little shy but I'll get over it quickly too
I'm somehow aware to the An impression I give to others (or at least I suppose I know), but it is not something that I worry about or focus on to the point of obsessiveness.

when I'm not in the mood, I hate society

How do you choose your friends and how do you behave around them?

I choose friends by the bond I feel with them and shared interests

I love keeping secrets, wit, rationality, and activity

I wish my friends be like this

I have acquaintances inside and outside my country, by real and online, I have close friends on the Internet, but in my real life I do not, for two reasons : First: I have a little distrust of people in my environment, because I had problems caused by some of them, and I still remember this even now, despite the passage of many years since what happened

Two: I can't find anyone who reaches my standards set by me and deserves to be a best friend (without having other friends that take our time, I don't mind if he/she has other friends because I have too but our own time is more important than others)

With my friends I am as I am, I ask them questions and speak normally, I can be crazy sometimes and laugh at random or at trivial jokes I tell, and in a few moments I like to tease them, whether verbally or physically ( Pull my friend's hat off her head, for example.)
I help them with all my resources that I own and they need them, and I may do some work for them, such as bringing what they need, for example)

How do you behave around strangers?

calm and behave in a normal way and don't know what to say (I'm not in the mood )

Or get to know the person and ask questions and get close to them ( Sometimes my way is intrusive in this situation, I feel like I'm attacking the person in a non-aggressive way when I'm in this situation)