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ISTj, description by me


Mar 4, 2024
This was originally posted by me in PDB's socionics board. It is simply a mere showcase of all functions in the LSI type.

Ti base: They're very logic-oriented people. The kind of people that wants to know the logic even behind a joke they hear in their early life, first comes the curiosity of knowing, then the fun of laughing about the joke. Because of that pure logical behavior, they can be seen as serious and focused, and have high standards of value regarding the reasons and values in their lives.
Se creative: They're very applied to get what they want. If something is hard for them to obtain, but logical for them to seek, Ti-Se ego wants it at all costs, and will probably get it. They're gonna be aggressive and forceful if the situation requires. LSI Se makes them be fearless when their own sense of logic meets pressure.
Fi role: Role function: It's just an "image" thing. The LSI can appear to be the kind of individual who cares about deep moral values and fights for them, especially for close people, while this is not neccessarily the case.
Ne polr: LSIs hate nonsense and gibberish. Don't come to one without actually forming your opinion, being honest while expressing it in a clear and objective way, checking if it makes sense, unless you want to annoy them that is.
Fe seeking: LSIs are stereotyped as hard workers. Being hard workers, they have a very interesting positioning for Fe: a very fragile but effective use of Fe seeking, the LSI wants to form bonds with people that can be helpful in providing social fun and diversion for them without them needing to feel too vulnerable expressing too much of their feelings.
Ni mobilizing: LSIs are not entirely negligent of the intuitive functions, they actually value Ni, in a sense where objective and useful information is always welcome for making a project be indeed more effective, or even to discuss and find useful different information that the LSI couldn't find alone. It's actually a taste for learning, but learning what's actually useful for them.
Te ignoring: The LSI hates illogical actions. He himself likes to explain, to the most of detail, exactly why he chose something over that other thing, or why he decided that it's better to use a certain approach rather than the other. While he values practicity, he also is widely attuned to the actual process and the investigation way too much to be negligent of their full Ti usage, ignoring Te completely.
Si demo: He believes that comfort is just a hobby, not a priority in life. It's not that important to be in comfort, he values more Se, but he is not completely oblivious to it. There's a very rational and serious view on leisure time of him and even others, as too much of it can lead to a detour from the important things.


New member
Mar 25, 2024
Thanks for sharing this breakdown of the LSI type's functions! It's interesting to see how they value logic and practicality (Ti base), and how they're determined to achieve their goals (Se creative). They might not always express deep emotions (Fi role), but they do seek connections with others for social support (Fe seeking). They appreciate useful information (Ni mobilizing) but don't like illogical actions (Te ignoring). While they may not prioritize comfort (Si demo), they still recognize its importance.