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I need you to type me, please.


New member
Mar 17, 2022
Hello everyone. I'm going to explain how I am, how I think and how I interact with the world so you can see what MBTI type + enneagram I can become. I didn't find it difficult to learn these things, but applying it to yourself is another story. You have big mental and emotional changes, and there are aspects of your life that can vary so much that you can turn out as confused and even mistyped.
Let's start.
I'm a pretty extrapolated person, depending on who I'm with. If I'm with my family, I bring out my essential self, the one that I really am and that I have no doubts about. I do housework almost as a hobby. I have grown fond of that aspect. I obey if I am asked to do things, and, although sometimes I say no, I have that remorse of "why did you say that?". I do complain a lot when someone tries to explain something and goes on for a long time. Even more so when the problem doesn't interest me. Although I have an initial eagerness to listen and to learn. The thing is I get angry when people "teach" me. I know I have to do that chore, you don't have to tell me. When people do that, I get depressed as I think I am useless, because I forget things easily due to the stres I'm actually having. I remember sensory past details. Especially past experiences, very vividly, as if I were there at that moment. I quickly memorize numbers and actions, such as food recipes, etc. Only if they are explained to me, of course. I can be very persistent on a particular subject, and I can be around it for days until I have solved it. My biggest fear is not remembering something. It happens to me a lot with subjects related to studies. We will address that later.
I can be very bossy. When I'm at my best, I tend to tell people I trust what to do.
I don't go out much. I have the necessary friends. I'm not an outdoorsy person, I stick to home so much that it can be unhealthy. Well, I only go out when my sister asks for a walk. Every single day, which I enjoy. I spend a lot of time with my parents, I enjoy their company and the things they teach me. I like to learn if everything is well explained, if the terms don't present technicalities that can't explain themselves.
I used to depend too much on others. I cried if they stopped talking to me, I didn't tell the truth and I subordinated myself to them. In those years I had partners, and with none of them was I sincere. By this I mean that I never expressed my frank opinion on any subject. I pleased them emotionally. I tried to tell jokes, but I don't have any in my head. I am not creative. What do what I know thanks to external agents, and it may be that at some specific moment I have some outburst of energy. When I was asked to go somewhere, I would tell them to choose. I hardly go out of the house and I don't get to the outdoors on a regular basis. To the point. With people it was pure apprehension. There were days when I stopped thinking about them and was even glad. They took a lot of energy out of me, and it annoyed me that I couldn't be honest with them. I still have that remorse about people who have shown their true side and disappeared, I was left with the word in my mouth. WhatsApp, for example, I don't use it at all. When people wrote to me they complained, and I had to lie to them with some excuse in order to please them. But one day I learned that people from outside were a complement and I tried to focus on what would really benefit me. Now in WhatsApp when I have been told "hey, you're not talking to me..." I tell them "now I'm talking to you", or "I was busy, how was your day?". Somehow before I used to complain a lot more, especially about people and studies.
Now I only have one potential fixation; studies.
If you ask me about studies, well, they are spurts of energy. I ditch classes quite a lot, and more so when I don't have the materials. I make excuses for myself because I think I'm going to work on it myself more at home. I am quite disorganized and chaotic in that matter. Too much so. When the day before an exam arrives, I get as worked up as the next person, more than once I have even cried for getting a grade that I didn't consider, even if I was passed. I used to have big concerns about the result, but right now I'm getting more comfortable with the process. Even though I still haven't mastered anything at all. I know when I have classes, what subject we are teaching, and even what homework we have, but then I have a really hard time memorizing concepts, even getting a headache and trying to take pain pills. I get frustrated, because I don't like to miss. But when I did it once, I couldn't help it. I'm still in that stage, in fact, right now I'm writing from home, frustrated for having missed school, because I left my school supplies at my other house and as you can see I can't go to class without anything. I can ask for pen and paper, but I would be too embarrassed to show up in class without a backpack.
I am slowly dropping out high school. I am over it. I want to learn new things, to know people that can really do me that favor.
As a matter of fact, I do like studying practical concepts, like cooking, economics. By the way, I love philosophy and psychology too. The subject I really hate is arts and everything related. I used to draw way before, but right at the moment I feel anxious.
Back to the high school, I am really sure about my decision of leaving, but I understand when my mother says "again at home..." My face falls with embarrassment, and she's absolutely right, but there are times when I lie so that she sees that I am responsible or appear to be responsible in that area. Maybe I'm tired of repeating the same facts a thousand times, and that I should go somewhere else to do something more in line with my tastes and motivations.
As for studies, as previously mentioned. I study a lot the day before. I spend days before thinking if I will have time to study for that exam day. I have aversion, because I think that at this moment, with one week left for the exam, I can't study anything, because I can't fit it in.
As for the decisions I make, I always branch into two options. They are not totally dichotomous, but they do benefit me more in some aspects than others. For example, high school. I always think about which will be the better option, usually winning the one staying at home. But that is explanatory. First of all, I can't concentrate. I am really bad with that. I get ancious when the teacher speaks; I do listen to her, but I hear the rest of the class more. Noisy and irresponsible. My head bursts when the class starts. My sister told me that maybe I can have AHDH. But I can't tell. There's only one thing that really pisses me off, and that's when a teacher or classmate asks me why I've been absent. I want to go unnoticed in class.
Also, I sometimes do feel lazy. But then I regret not going.
I hardly know anything. No places, no new experiences... They terrify me. I love doing things I did when I was younger, and I limit myself to those things. Maybe I open up when I see things related to what I saw when I was little, but it's very complicated for me to expand. I don't party, I don't like the experience. I don't enjoy going to new places. In restaurants I always order the same thing, whether it's the same ice cream, the same hamburger....
I measure time too much. I'm either on time or I'm not present. In high school it happened to me a lot, that if I was late I would go home. I was ashamed to show up five minutes later, when the teacher was already explaining.
I make excuses to those close to me. I say that I didn't go to school for such reasons that are false. Sometimes they coincide, but I lie to them a lot.
My imagination is limited to things I have seen before, but sometimes I have little retention.
As for decision making.... I'll give you an example.
My sister tells me "my boyfriend is breaking up on me", I always tell the same story. I ask her why and tell her to deal with it however she can, that crying doesn't help and she has to nurture her partner like he does to her.
I used to try to comfort her, but giving support didn't help at all. Neither her, because she had nothing to do, nor me, because I didn't say what I thought. I usually do this when the person I am addressing is the one who is either partly or mostly to blame. The thing is I have little to no patience with her. Two years passed and the same problem.
My tastes have nothing to do with this. Everyone likes their own thing, but for me to like something I have to learn it from someone. I can't do it by myself. I usually watch movies that are recommended and then I go from there. Or I listen to songs that people have listened to, even from Tiktok. I also continue with music that I used to listen to excessively.
I totally hate long videos. People making them don't get to the point. Like when in a video appears "I eat spinach ice cream at a McDonald's from Korea" and then the video itself takes 26 minutes. I get rid of these types of people.
I like things already created. Now, I tend to create a few little things. I edit my photos and make my own wallpapers. I enjoy doing it, even creating interfaces for myself. Over the summer, I had the hobby of editing my Android phone like an iPhone, with the widgets that the iPhone has at the moment. Until I liked the result, I wasn't stopping.
I'd rather be told what to do than do it on my own. I try to always ask questions. For example, I ask people how do they study, or how do they memorize. In that respect I depend on them.
I have potential plans that in my opinion are well developed. But the bumps are that sometimes I lose interest or desire, basically that at that time I get lazy. It may be because I've learned it that way in my environment before and I've adapted.
I correct people quite a lot. Especially with spelling mistakes.
I'm bad at learning names. If I haven't seen a movie for a while, I remember the plot pretty well, but when I get into the characters, I get lost. The descriptions I say them, but the name I can't remember.
If there's a day when I have a plan with someone, whether it's going somewhere out to eat or playing sports, and the other person tells me to change it, I get frustrated. That is if the other person is a relative of mine. If it's a friend or acquaintance, I plan so we can't get along that day. With my relatives I do get really angry, and I can get impulsive.
I have been mistyped with many types: IXFPs, IXTPs, XNTJs, ENTPs and ISFJs. Especially with INFPs and INTPs.
I know I am neither one nor the other. Well, INTP I doubt more.
But INFP I don't think I am, I don't have any emotional impetus to do things, I do what I must and what I can. I do tend to be a procrastinator in certain aspects, but not because I get lost in my thoughts, but because I think I need to, because I can't, because I get overwhelmed. My creativity is very short, I don't think of multiple options and I'm slow to make up my mind. I also don't consider myself empathetic. Fi dom or aux are very "quid pro quo", especially if there is someone who alters their interests. An acquaintance of mine is an INFP, and she always thinks a lot about things that I consider absurd, although I often adapt to her.
My sister is an ISFP. We are alike when we are offered something and say no. I say it because I think I don't need it. By the other hand, my sister answers because she is bored by everything. She is very forward thinking, very stubborn when her interests are threatened. Negative, because she is going through her Ni loop at the moment, believing that everything is going to go wrong. She is egocentric, but she gets along with people very well. She can identify a problem even if it appears to be brief. She associates people's problems with hers, and although she sometimes has silly ideas, when she gets into them, she really gets into them. In general, she is not interested in what is going to happen later, she is very involved in the "here and now". She sleeps a lot, too much. She does nothing in her life, but it doesn't bother her. When she wakes up she does her stuff without thinking that she has slept too much. She has gone through a lot of places. He loves to travel, to drink, to smoke, to meet his friends.... When they say no or tell her something she doesn't like, even if it's true, she gets angry or leaves.
I used to think I was ISFP, but I tend to listen if what they say makes an bit of sense, I do chores and think a lot about mistakes I've made. I can't sleep all day. I don't want to leave the house, and the comfort of home makes me feel good. In short, I'm not as laid back.
The thing is, what do you guys see?
My bets on enneagram are 6wX or 4w5.
Thank you for reading this, and my apologies for the extended message.


Well-known member
Sep 17, 2014
Very much Si dominant. ISXJ.

Leaning towards ISTJ.