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Typing 'til I Can't Type No More (Post Here, I'll Type You)


Active member
Oct 4, 2016
Hello fair citizens (or denizens) of Typology Central, the Internet - the world. I'm here to provide typing services to those who so (desperately, I'm sure) need it, much like Ursula from Disney's hit animated musical, The Little Mermaid. You can trust that I won't turn you into seashell lipstick, but I will definitely be bluntly honest, which Ursula wasn't really. (Well, she kind of was... in a manipulative sort of way. Which is really just gaslighting. Er, I digress.)

The goal here is to be fair and straightforward, which I wish more people were. "Be the change you want to see in the world", am I right?

I've done a thread like this before and learned that not everybody liked my style of typing or was very convinced in their self-typing (both of which are fine and dandy). But because of what I gathered from the experiences of helping others before, I have some new ground rules, or perhaps, to put it more gently: guidelines.

So let's get into those.
  1. If you want a typing from me, please go into it wanting to consider new perspectives. It may very well be I concur with your current and/or historical typing. But if you're looking for an easy, "Ah, yes, my darling. You are an INFJ!" then I probably won't pity you very much. I try very hard to evaluate you, and if you just want circular thinking to dominate your brain, that'll make our interactions very strained.
  2. If the interaction between us gets too long or off-topic for the context of the thread, I'll ask to move it to private message (or Discord).
  3. Above all, these typing sessions should be fun and a dialogue between us. They shouldn't be a cause of stress or unease. If you feel upset or concerned at any time, tell me directly so we can end the issue there. How you do that is up to you.
Now that that's squared away, we can discuss the nitty-gritty.

I can develop a dynamic set of questions for our "dialogue", but I really don't have a preference for which set of questions you choose to get started. Or even if you wanted to write a couple paragraphs instead of following a by-the-book script of how this stuff usually goes. Again, it's up to you.

I've been studying MBTI for a while, and can take a stab at Enneagram (though, certainly, I'm no expert) and this is a further chance at helping to me develop skills to further help you. So please allow me some grace, and I'll extend the gesture ;)

Now it's off to the races!


New member
Mar 1, 2023
Hey, I made a post about mine a few days ago, would appreciate a response !

Jan 8, 2023
Hello there, my only thread was somewhat revived recently, and I would like to seize this opportunity by having more responses from active users here.

The said thread is right here. There are already some replies below, and they can also be taken into account. Personally, I'd say that the questions aren't able to fully present me as a person, so I would appreciate some additional questions to reflect on (if there's any from your side).

I consider myself as an IxTJ in mbti and 1w9 13x sp/so in enneagram, so my focus is mainly about distinguishing Ni/Si and e5/e6 as my head fix. If my actual type falls outside the scope, I would like to hear about it.

Thank you in advance. :D