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Type me in any system!


New member
May 4, 2022
I filled out a questionnaire quoted below in response to these questions but you can also ask me whatever.

New here, filled out the questionnaire:

a) Late teens, USA. No impairments. Atheist/nonspiritual but don't see how that would affect anything.
b) Not saying to avoid influencing you.

Tried answering this a few times but found it difficult to truly express what I'm going for. In short, I want to Change The World. And also scientific discovery. Again, this really doesn't get at the heart of it.

Can relate to most. Don't really care about lust but I'm asexual. I'm not really greedy or envious in terms of standard materialistic things although I can be ambitious and competitive. Unfortunately I can relate to sloth since I've been too stuck on random internet things as opposed to doing what I want to be doing.

a) Interesting people. Yes, I realize that's tautological. See 9.
b) Hopefully same as a. Don't know. I'm generally too reclusive/isolated to notice.
c) The close-minded and self-righteous.

Consistent high social energy and work ethic.

Bullshit power tripping on the part of authority pisses me off. That gets me in trouble sometimes.
I can get embarrassed but honestly it's not a big deal. Who cares?
I think I used to fear failure more. Still do to some extent, just in a more existential/irreversible way. I also have a fear of being controlled.
Sometimes I feel I'm searching for a passion in life. There are things that highly interest me and are fun but I don't have a strong emotion for.
It depends. Some people are very annoying to deal with in conflict.

So personal. I'm rather too private to truthfully reveal something like this.

No plan to attend college. Will try and set my own path by starting some of my business ideas.

Do they do interesting (unconventional) things or have interesting ideas/perspectives/values/goals?

Humanity is what it is. It's interesting to examine the structures behind human relations and the reasons for them. The concept of "the human experience" and whatnot is highly confused and overrated.

Math, CS, the sciences, philosophy, analysis of things in general. Most of my free time is spent reading about these topics.

(the number 12 was skipped. is this a test of detail orientation lol. that would be sorta clever)

Don't really hang out with them outside of school.

Words are a form of action. I know what you're asking but this isn't a clear dichotomy. I'd say actions, since they impact how things are more directly.

A, it's much better than the remaining options. True immortality is likely to be excruciating boring. Losing my memories, depending on how that's interpreted, basically amounts to death. Being poor would severely hamper my ability to achieve things I want, as would not experiencing passion. But losing taste, while sad, isn't devastating and provides the upside of allowing me a much healthier diet.

Losing sight of myself, taking the easy way in life.

I can get obsessive about a particular interest sometimes (e.g. certain video games), usually for a few days before I get bored of it. Don't understand "merging", and don't want to "merge" with anyone. I value my independence too much.

Very rarely bother to organize my desk. Some of my digital files are highly organized (e.g. specific naming system), others are just tossed into a folder. I can find everything anyway, what's the point?
I do plan things but also often drop the plan. Sometimes it's a form of fantasy for me (e.g. planning a cross country trip I'll never take).

I appreciate comfort, I guess. It's not something I think about a lot though, so dunno.

Note: Looking back, it might be difficult to get my type from this. I'm interested to see if you can figure things out from the way I think about and say things in addition to the actual content.

For what it's worth, I don't actually believe in any of these personality systems but I'm curious anyway.