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Should I study bookkeeping at my technical college?


Sep 23, 2017
I tried a smaller, temporary campus at the 4 year school before inevitably transferring to the larger campus, and it didn't work, so I transferred to a technical college, but left for many reasons, one of which was me being lusty and actually caring about what people thought of me there if I messed up, and two, I had an identity crisis and decided I wanted to study economics and make an "impact" on the world more than through a technical education (call me a snob, but I guess that's what I was, and also I was dreaming of becoming an academic). Now my GPA is below a 2.0 in part due to a year ago when my doctor prescribed a bad medicine with bad side effects and I didn't leave a message but instead kept calling, no reply, and I dropped all my classes passed the limit in a frenzied depression. (they didn't accept appeal for those zeroes..…..:mad:) Now I went back to the technical school and was gonna study programming but I also remember I was really into the bookkeeping class they made me take, and the programming class (I was initially a programming major) wasn't as good as I thought and im not too passionate about programming. its fun, but im not passionate about being a self learner. or maybe that's just my INTP /ADHD personality making me do the bare minimum and maximize it. I always secretly wanted to be a bookkeeper as a novelty thought, and even took a business course in high school. I just don't know if a two year accounting course is worth it what with the rise of accounting software.