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The Hole Brain Thinking Model. Lefties and Furriers and the school environment.


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Feb 5, 2015

There is a new trend taking place in schools across the world. Kids showing up to school in cosplay out fits clamming to identify as Cats, Dogs, Rats, Houses, whatever. Personally, I think it's funny and quite harmless. I wish it was happening when I went to school because I could have taken a spray bold with metho and water and sprayed them in class whenever they approached me.

I thought about this and quickly recalled the Zed of learning in the hole brain thinking model and realised the so-called Left and Right political viewpoint is linked to this Zed in, The Hole Braian Model.

The Right tend to think in an order of, quadrant D to quadrant A to quadrant B to quadrant C. and the Left do the reverse. From quadrant C to quadrant B to quadrant D to quadrant A.

I think it is more complex than that and personal and collective passive aggressing protest can be in play, but I am shore you get what I'm talking about.

I like lateral thinking I am a D type. INFP 9w1 Sx/Sp 1221 D-type. I tend to like to think in the order, from quadrant D to quadrant A to quadrant B to quadrant C. School likes to teach people to think from quadrant A to quadrant D to quadrant B to quadrant C.

The zed process of thinking.

That my understanding from what's I learned from the Hole Brain Thinking Model.

So, school learning was a struggle for me.

I was like ready to utilise my sub-Conches but always had my foot on the clutch getting nowhere fast.

Nowadays with the lefties trying to take over the world order. It seems the lefties are teaching the reverse zed, from quadrant C to quadrant B to quadrant D to quadrant A.

The resalt being a lot of tolerance for woke thinking.

One school in England was forced to provide a schoolgirl at her school with a kitty litter tray to toilet in because she said she identified as a Cat. The school was forced to provide her with a fresh Kitty litter tray every day. quadrant C to quadrant B to quadrant D to quadrant A. Woke thinking. Imperially woke.

Please correct me if I am wrong. But I think I am wright. The reverse zed method has its problems.

Perhaps all twelve paths are needed to create a full balance along with a conch's explanation to place content in context. The sum maybe sixteen or eighteen I quickly counted 12 and then realized 16 maybe the correct sum. Maybe the other four are related to communist authoritarian thinking and that reposes me so I can't be bothered doing the cognition without a warranted reason.

Anyway, with AI being such a thing and quantum computing on the horizon, the thought of a computer understanding human psychometrics and facilitating tailored education is on my mind.

I am course what people think about it. Going against tide by utilising your intelligence. If it is a quadrant C to quadrant B to quadrant D to quadrant A. then counter act with from quadrant C to quadrant B to quadrant D to quadrant A.

Afterall as a kid these structures are fresh in mind because they are part of my active current phycological maturation. And you are an adult transfixed in your adult egoic mind set surfing a cognitive Tap loop.

Furry heads Angela Annie.JPG

Teachers and parents in the UK have been warned not to ridicule or overreact
to schoolkids identifying as “Furries” – people with an active interest in
animal characters with human characteristics
. A UK government-backed
safeguarding group says children dressing up in Furry costumes need to “feel
comfortable expressing themselves”.

One thing I have always noted. Is the never-ending quiet war between the left and right. I thought of it as an instinctual battle, and I thought I was lucky because I was in that third group and tended to take a side. I did not realise that it was deeper than that that it was fort out on the battle ground of the intellect via the Zed of The Hole Brain Thinking Model.

Power when you think you don't have it is a funny thing it leads to overcompensation.

I'm not distant from this, I tend to like to think in the order, from quadrant D to quadrant A to quadrant B to quadrant C. and wish the whole world would reach a new epoch. A Sub-Conches lead world order where in all are free from the overcompensating egoic mind.

What cosplay costume should I wonder around in? A Jesus, cosplay outfit. I could heal the people of egoic mind inflation and restore them to pure heart led receptivity. Their own authentic nature.

No, the lefties will get upset about that and complain to the office of the Load Mayor. - Saying "He's stealing everyone's ego inflation".
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