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Please type me


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Dec 2, 2022
Hi. I'm having a lot of problems working out my type. Could someone please help give me their opinion? Thanks in advance. Here are my responses to the questionnaire:

1) Context:
a) What is your age range and general location (Country so that cultural values can be taken into account)? Do you have any impairments that may affect the way that you answer this questionnaire? Any religious or political beliefs (or anything else along those lines) that also might have an effect?

I’m 38, and I live in England, or you can call it Britain if you want. I have Aspergers Syndrome, which can sometimes distort my cognitive functions (Ni, Ne, Fi, Fe etc…) This is probably why I’m not sure of my type, despite looking carefully at typology. I’m a Christian, but I’m not sure if that effects anything. I’m liberal, but, again, I’m not sure if that effects anything.

b) Which types are you currently considering? Why are you considering them and why haven’t you decided on one?

When I did an online test that focused on Jung’s cognitive functions hypothesis, Fi come up as my highest function. I would consider Ne, Ni, Te and Ti as possible functions. If I have Fe, Se, or SI, they are probably in the second half of my function stack.

I haven’t decided because there are aspects of Ti, Te, Ne, and Ni I relate to, but some aspects I definitely don’t. For example: I relate to being a generator of many different ideas, as a high Ne user would, but I’m decisive (once I’ve weighed up the pros and cons, which has to happen first), I stay on topic while writing and talking, and I like to delve deeply into the topics which interest me, rather than switching between numerous topics. On the other hand, I don’t have sudden revelations from my subconscious, which suggests that I don’t have Ni. My thought process are entirely conscious. I don’t like using symbols and metaphors to explain my ideas either.

2) What do you deem as your purpose in life?

One of my purposes to help people feel better when something bad, which they don’t deserve to happen, happens to them. The other purpose is to create art. Not necessarily fine art (paintings etc…), but some kind of art. I love creating things.

3) Of the seven deadly sins, which one(s) do you relate to the most and the least and why?

The one I relate to the most is anger to some extent. I tend to bottle up my emotions, so my anger comes out in a flood. I suppose I relate to sloth too. I’m not lazy. In fact I have a good work ethic, but I procrastinate sometimes. I relate more to faults which aren’t one of the seven deadly sins, like addiction, unfortunately.

I'm Asexual, so I don't relate to lust at all.

4) Analyzing your relationships with others, briefly describe:
a) The type of people you are drawn to

People with Aspergers or ADHD. The parents of said people. Nerds. Kind-hearted people, who accept me for who I am.

b) The type of people who are drawn to you

Probably the same kinds of people mentioned above. I seem to be pretty well-liked by a lot of people of many kinds, and the others who don’t like me are usually those who aren’t very pleasant people themselves, or those who don’t accept that it’s ok for me to be “Different.”

c) The type of people you are repulsed by

People who hate those who are different. People who hurt others for no good reason. People who don’t use their brains, like those who think vaccines are a government/Satanic conspiracy.

5)What are the traits in others that you admire but you cannot emulate yourself? Elaborate.

Knowing how to get on well with others. I want people to like me, but I don’t know instinctively how to act around others. Knowing how to go somewhere new without worrying about what it will be like to be somewhere unfamiliar.

6) Describe your relationship with the following:
a) Anger

As explained above, I keep my anger bottled up, until it comes rushing out of me. I’m not an angry person though. I’m talking about something that happens rarely.

b) Shame

I am ashamed when I think I have accidentally hurt others. I tend to blame myself for things that are not my fault. I am ashamed if I do something that I think God wouldn’t like, or if I haven’t done my duty. I have had addictions in the past, and I become ashamed about sometimes giving into temptation.

c) Fear

If stress counts as fear, then I get stressed a lot. Things like too much sensory data, or having to mask my Autistic traits, stresses me out. Sometimes I get scared when I think about my finances, or the political direction our world is heading towards.

d) Love/passion

I have love for many others, but not romantic love. I would love to experience romantic love someday.

e) Conflict

That’s complicated. I hate having to tell my friends, or sometimes people I don’t know well, that I don’t like something they’ve done. I hate the thought that I might upset them. However, when someone has a problem with me, and talks to someone behind my back about it, instead of just talking it out with me, it really annoys me. I will tell someone that I don’t like something they’ve done if I must, but I try to avoid it.

7) What are some of the themes that have played a prominent role in your life (ie. A struggle you’ve been unable to conquer, ect)?

In regard to struggles specifically, I’m struggling with an addiction right now, and have had others in the past. Addictions are toxic and are very hard to break away from.

Themes, if I understand what you mean by that, include: Feeling lonely, and like I don’t “Fit in”, being bullied, overcoming my problems through sheer hard work and determination, life-long learning. I know that’s not a lot of things, but you’ll need to be more specific about what a “Theme” is in this case for me to know how to elaborate.

8) Answer only one of the following:
a) [College aged and above] What is your area of work/study? Why did you choose this and would you change it? If so, what would be your ideal?

I have a BA Joint Honours degree in Film Studies and Creative Writing. I have a home business creating websites, but, to be honest, it’s not been that successful. I mostly do volunteer work. I tend to change volunteer “Jobs” a lot. As a volunteer, I’ve been in admin, retail, journalism, working at my city’s archives, mentoring disabled students, helping out with my church’s computer system etc…

I’m always trying something new in regard to volunteer work.

I choose Film Studies because I realised, while doing an A level in Film Studies (which I did because I thought it would be an interesting things to study), that it was the one thing I loved enough to take it to university level. I choose Creative Writing because you can’t do Film Studies on its own at university, and Creative Writing sounded like something I would be good at and enjoy doing. I had a vague plan to become a film critic, but it really wasn’t a concrete idea in my mind. Unfortunately, one of the things my degree taught me is that I like writing, but hate all of the things which come with writing. That is, all of the hard work needed to get your work out there, and make publishers, and readers, interested in your writing.

In regard to my volunteer work/home business, I like moving on to something new once I’ve learnt everything I can learn from my current job (be it a paid one or not.) If I can’t move up in the organisation, while still doing the kind of work I like to do, then I move on. So far the only way up has been working as a manager. I don’t want that. I prefer to be a behind the scenes person, instead of a leader.

If I could do any job, I would either like to help people with the sort of problems I’ve had in my past (being bullied, depression, being disabled etc…) Or, be a librarian. I love books, and quiet surroundings.

b)[Under college aged] What do you plan on studying/working as in the future? How did you go about deciding this? If this is not your ideal area of pursuit, what would be?

9) When meeting a new person, what do you tend to focus on?

I asses new people, to learn who they are, and why they are the way that are. I’ll say things myself of course, but mostly I listen to them. I observe them, and see what those observations tell me about their personality, and whether or not I’ll like them.

10) How do you feel about humanity as a whole? What do you feel are some of the biggest problems the human race faces and why?

I don’t understand why people ask “Are people basically good or basically evil”, when the answer is they’re basically both. They’re capable of incredible acts of kindness, and acts of hate. However, I tend to be pessimistic about humanity. We could solve most of the world’s problems if everyone decided they wanted others to be happy, but some people only think about themselves.

As for big problems the world faces, take your pick: wars, climate change, the rise of populist politics, anything hurtful with “ism” at the end of its name etc...

11) What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Sci-fi, especially Doctor Who. Chess. Classic literature. Playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends. Writing poems and short stories. Making models of buildings out of Lego. Making videos for my Youtube channel etc...

13) How do you usually hang out with your friend(s)? When answering, think about what activities you tend to choose, whether you hang out with one person at once or many, whether or not you initiate the interaction.

Most of my friends have kids, or a full-time job, or both, so when we do have time to meet each others it’s usually just having a cup of coffee at a cafe. It’s quicker that way I play Dungeons & Dragons with my friends, who are single, once a week. Sometimes I go to the cinema with my friends. I prefer to have a small group of friends, not an entourage. Everyone else is an acquittance, who I only really see at church, or work. I usually initiate things. As I said, they have kids/a career. They don’t have time to initiate hang-outs.

14) What is more important, actions or words? Why?

Words. How can we perform the actions which need to be performed if we don’t talk about what needs to be done and how to do it first? Words are beautiful. The English language is beautiful. Words allow people to exchange ideas, and thinking, and talking about ideas, is one of my favorite things in life. How could I convey all of the information in this questionnaire without words?

15) Oh dear, yoou’ve been cursed by a witch! It’s ok though, you get a choice on which curse you will receive. Will you choose?
a) To never be able to experience the sensation of taste
b) To be immortal
c) To lose your memories
d) To be poor for the rest of your life
e) Or to never experience passion
Elaborate on why!

To be poor for the rest of my life. I'm poor now, by British standards, so I know I can deal with that. Money is useful but it's never interested me. I don't think hording it is pleasurable.

16) What do you hope to avoid being? If it helps, describe a person who embodies what you avoid/you as a villain, ect.

Someone who is so horrible, and broken, and pathetic inside that he hurts others people because he thinks it’s fun. I would rather be dead than be like that.

17) How do you relate to obsession? Do you tend to "merge" with others or your interests? How do you feel about the idea of doing this?

I’m not sure what you mean by merging with others. If you mean “Do I copy others”, the answer is yes, but I wish I didn’t. I hide my Autistic traits by copying the things other people do in social situations. I really want to be my authentic self, but I’m worried that I’ll be bullied or ostracised if I appear too Autistic (i.e. too like the real me.)

I am petty obsessive, especially about things which interest me. Sometimes I get fixated on what someone else has said for too long, or on something I’ve done which I’m not sure was right or not. The question of whether or not it was the right thing to do gets lodged in my brain.

18) Organized or messy? Plans and blueprints or impulse and surprises? What are you preferences and tendencies?

This is a hard one to answer. I have poor working memory and poor executive functioning, so I’m very disorganised when it comes to knowing when I have a meeting to go to, or where I put a particular document I need, or when I need to leave the house to meet someone. However, I’m also good at organising what I need to do in order to achieve my goals. I’m a good short-term planner. I can plan where I’ll be in a few weeks or months. I’m not as good at long-term planning. I can’t answer the question “Where will you be in 5 years time?” I have no idea.

Feel free to look up things like “Executive functioning” and any other terminology you’re unfamiliar with. It would take me a very long time to explain, and others might explain it better.

19) How do you subjectively view comfort and how do you create comfort in your life and surroundings?

I’m comfortable with the things and people I know well - with familiarity. I don’t know what you mean by subjectively viewing comfort. Comfort means something that makes you feel safe and secure.
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Oct 25, 2017
Instinctual Variant
My best guess is 9w1 6w5 2w? sp/so.


New member
Dec 2, 2022
Thanks. I'm more interested in my mbti type though. I did an enneagram test and got 4w something. What does sp/so mean?