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Naruto Uzumaki (ENFP) His Ne and Si explained in the Raikage Team Fight - Naruto MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
Naruto Uzumaki ENFP - Naruto Myers-Briggs Types

Naruto ENFP - Naruto MBTI Character Typings

Yet another Naruto ENFP post yes, these are getting old. But I just wanted to make this to point out Naruto's Ne and Si moments in this arc and this moment fighting the controlled Raikage with Temari and the group during the Ninja War arc. Let's begin.

This first point I have mention even though this post is not about this scene, I have to mention it anyway since it happens is a good point. Naruto coming up with the idea to throw the Rasenshuriken from the back and teleporting from the front to catch it and teleport again in front of him and hit him that way as a good Ne moment. But no matter this isn't my strongly point at all, just a light mention so keep reading.

Now I'm going to explain Naruto's major Ne and Si moments in this fight. Both Si and Ni care about and think of the past but Ni is more wholistic and abstract and overall when it thinks back on past data and Si is more detailed with the past, holds onto it more and cares more about security and being safe with things, much more than Ni does or cares about. Naruto is being very safe and secure in this scene after his Rasenshuriken fails, when Naruto is not being reckless as a perceiver he cares for security and being safe with certain things very much as a Si user. Ni users can like to be safe but its a lot less personal for them and Si users like to be safe in a very personal way and care about being safe on everything which Naruto is showing here with his Si in this scene with wanted to check with Killer Bee and the 8 tails with something on his mind and Naruto's demeanor as a whole.

Now to further explain, Naruto is using Ne here too in this scene. He's wondering and brainstorming beneath the surface with his Ne on how exactly the 8 tails gave him that scar on his chest, the possibility on how the scar got there from the 8 tails is what's weighing on Naruto's mind. I already explained above how Naruto wants to be safe and secure with his Si and check in with the 8 trails on how the scar got there in their in the first place. Naruto's Ne curiosity and wondering then asks the 8 tails about it and further asks how did he give him that scar on his chest, the 8 tails explains the story and says they were fighting and he used the tailed beast bomb and he thinks that how it got there. The 8 tails is unsure though and stumbles and struggles and hesitates when he's speaking and says "I think...maybe? Maybe not?" - 8 tails. The 8 tails is unsure if the tailed beast bomb actually gave him that scar or not and just keeps explaining and explains how they both collapsed and fell forward while attacking in mid battle, he ends it off by saying I don't remember much beyond that showing further how forgetful he is on what actually happened in this scene, Naruto notices and pays attention to all this.

Naruto then continues to brainstorm with Ne, wondering many possibilities in his mind while thinking hard on what the 8 tails said and then sees the pattern of his words and the Raikage and makes the connection with his Ne immediately after and figures out what really happened beneath the surface that day with his Ne. After Naruto sees this pattern and makes this connection with his Ne and is done brainstorming he has a flash of insight and figures out what most likely happened to give Raikage really that day. After he realizes what most likely happens, he says in his mind "Could it be..." since he knows its still a hunch and prediction at the end of the day, his Si is still trying to be safe and secure again and thinks a little longer to make sure. And then as usual Naruto trusts his intuition, hunch, and prediction based on the idea he brainstormed earlier on what could have possibly happened and then again trusts his intuition and prediction on what possibly happened behind the scenes and beneath the surface and fully then commits to it and says "Thanks, 8 tails!" in his head again and proceeds to use his shadow clone jutsu and get started on his Ne. Naruto uses a ton of Ne and Si in this scene alone and over the course of these events and I hope you see why in my explanation above.

He uses sage mode and then makes a shadow clone. He forms a Rasengan and then charges at the Raikage. He runs in and dodges immediately and hits his arm with the Rasengan and shatters his body with it and then the they will away and wrap him up in the bandages. The people then cheer and praise Naruto for his amazing feat and how perceptive he was in this scene and moment. Naruto then explains his Ne the concept and idea he understood and what he figured out beneath the surface to the ninja guy next to him, he explains when he talked to the 8 tails he told them how both of them fell forward to the ground while attacking. Naruto says he figured he must have possibly and most likely got the scar by stabbing himself in the chest with his own move and attack when he fell down forward to the ground. Naruto further speculates and realizes with his Ne about how that must be what he was always embarrassed. His body was injured from that moment since and Naruto relied on that learning and understanding and his hunch and guess on thats what really happened and his hunch, intuition, and prediction was right and he beat him as a result with his Rasengan to the arm. Naruto figured out all this truth behind the scenes and beneath the surface with his Ne and his Si too wanting to check in and be safe and secure on what he was thinking and asking Killer Bee and the 8 tails first on what happened that day and wondering how he gave him that scar in the first place, and Naruto figured out what really happened behind the scenes all from listening to his story carefully and using his Ne and Si in this moment and scene.

Thanks for reading, I hope that helped you see why Naruto Uzumaki is a clear ENFP and Ne and Si user, my next post will be a Son Goku ENFP post on how he uses Ne and Si in the Freiza arc and Namek Saga in depth. Look out for that and I plan on explaining Goku's Ne and Si moments as a ENFP in the Cell arc and Androids Saga too, just like I did Naruto here in this ENFP post for him. Tell me your opinions and thoughts down below. I'll have more links sources as Naruto as ENFP in other places placed down below too.

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New member
Feb 3, 2022
I wanna I agree Naruto is ENFP instead of ESFP which means Ne dom instead of Se dom.

I can understand people are confusing Ne and Se because they are looking at online descriptions of Ne and Se. However there are a lot of misconceptions online... On the original book Psychological Types created by Carl Jung we can see the clear difference between Ne and Se and I will make my argument based on the original text.

Ne and Se can look alike one another, because both of them are extraverted perception functions, so they love to interact with the external world, the world around them. Characteristics like impulsivity or reckless can be applied to both Ne and Se, both of them are avid explorers, be either of sensations (Se) or possibilities (Ne). That's why a lot of Ne doms usually are eneagrams 7, which constantly seek new experiences, challenges and can have problems with impatience and impulsiveness.

The main difference between Ne and Se is that:
1) Se looks at the external objects as what it is, concretely, realistically.
2) Ne looks at the external object as what it could be, as what it could become, expectancy, potentials, possibilities.
That main difference between Se and Ne makes Ne more Idealistic and Se more Realistic by consequence.
And before people start to say that “it is just a stereotype”, let’s take a look at what Carl Jung says in his original book: Psychological Types.

Extraverted Sensation) “No other human type can equal the extraverted sensation type in realism.”
~ Carl Jung

Extraverted Intuition) “He actually has sensations, but he is not guided by them per se, merely using them as directing-points for his distant vision.”
~ Carl Jung

ℹ️ The question is pretty simple: Is Naruto a Realist or he is a person that uses the world around him as directing-points for his distant vision?

The answer is pretty obvious if we look at this main difference between Se and Ne.

Naruto is not a Realist at all.
Naruto is all about believing in possibilities.


1️⃣ Naruto believes the world will become better even with all of the quintessential war of nations that constantly happen.
2️⃣ Naruto believes potential cold-blooded murderers like Gaara, Pain, Obito, etc will change their behavior and stop to act so badly.
3️⃣ Naruto believes the war will stop to happen.
4️⃣ Naruto believes Sasuke will stop to be so cold and revengeful.
5️⃣ Naruto believes he will take out all the hate inside Kurama as well: “Some day I'll come after all the hate inside you as well ❤️
6️⃣ Naruto believes Sasuke will come back to Konoha
7️⃣ Naruto even believes he will change the Hyuuga clan to a better version.
8️⃣ And finally, Naruto believes he will become a Hokage

That’s why we love Naruto, right? He does not accept the world as it is by being a Realist. Naruto is the opposite, he believes in a world with better possibilities.

Naruto absolutely is not a realist (Se), he is a possibility-minded person (Ne) which turns him into that idealistic dreamer personality full of hope of a world better than it is now. What could be > What it is. This is the core of Naruto’s personality and can be shown from Classic to Shippuden!

To finalize, Carl Jung already wrote what Se thinks about ideals related to ideas.

Extraverted Sensation) "His ideal is the actual¹; in this respect he is considerate. He has no ideals related to ideas"
~ Carl Jung, Psychological Types

actual¹: "existing in fact; typically as contrasted with what was intended, expected, or believed."
~ Oxford Languages

It speaks for itself...

How could we believe this is the dominating function for Uzumaki Naruto?
No ideals related to ideas?!

Here I talked only about the main difference between Se x Ne. But I have written a more in-deep analysis of Naruto personality with A LOT of videos from the anime to back it up.

Can be found here ➡️ Why Naruto is ENFP instead of ESFP ( https://www.reddit.com/r/mbti/comments/onkd48 )