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Naruto [ENFP] - Pain Arc Analysis and Clash of Ideals, Naruto Shippuuden MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
Sharing this with Typologycentral.

Just a Quickie since I'm rewatching the Pain arc, gonna point out some Ne and Si moments in Naruto as a ENFP in this arc I saw, mostly Ne.

Naruto came up with the amazing idea with his Ne on to use his shadow clones to store Sage Energy and keep them in the Frog World while he fights. This way he could still fight and when his sage mode ended, he could summon one of the clones and make them disappear and have the sage energy go straight to him immediately without ever having to be still to charge it up again and reuse the form. This was a genius Ne idea on Narutos part here and I just wanted to point it out, that's a classic ENFP moment for him. The frogs comment how innovated and creative this idea was so yeah I definitely had to point this Ne idea out here.

Also he came up with the idea to use smoke bombs to hide himself, have a clone in the air with Rasengans come down on them, while that happened in secret he threw a pretend Rasenshuriken and disguised it as himself and grabbed one of the Pains and then sent a real Rasenshuriken at him. Which was all a decoy and allowed him to attack the other pain to the right from above and beat him, so that was another great Ne moment for him as well here. Naruto's last major Ne idea that was also incredible was how he came up with the idea on the spot to take one of Pains rods and use it with his Sage energy to track the real pains location by stabbing himself with, another genius move from Naruto and major Ne moment in the fight. Those are some of the major Ne moments for Naruto in the battle from this rewatch.

Naruto of course uses a lot of Si and reflects and feels strongly on the past experiences he's had and with his Si he often compares and contrast things and experiences from past to present. His Si thought back to many moments in the arc, especially when he met his dad, with Hinata and her moment with him, and other moments near the aftermath and his journey to go see pain. Naruto clearly uses Si a lot and most people see it, his Si and Fi makes him very sensitive to every experience he's had and focus on his inner feelings and values strongly, especially to past experiences that mean a lot to him or very hard times that affected him so deeply in the past, which again is most of the time for him as a ENFP. And of course Naruto is naive and idealistic as a NF, he's indecisive on what to do with his Ne and brainstorms and can't find answer at first and seeks help from his dad on how and why him to find the answer for fixing the world. Despite this confusion and inner battle with him, his ideals are strong like they always have and he strongly strives to reach a ideal future for everyone and wants to end hatred in the ninja world just like Jiraiya did, who is also ENFP and his dad wants too who is more ENFJ for him. I've been rewatching this arc and I just wanted to share my thoughts and point all this out from seeing it, tell me what you think and agree or disagree on. I wrote more Naruto ENFP posts here down below as well if your interested, this is my first analysis on him in Shippuuden so thanks for reading, I'll have more posts on him to come and the other characters too:

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