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Mental Health Standards you have as a person. Too both positive and negative experiences you have had.


Well-known member
Aug 9, 2009
Mental Health:

“When it comes to mental health, I’ve been both a professional as well a recipient of services.

What is your minimum requirement for a psychiatrist?

What is your minimum standard requirement for a psychologist?

I. For my own standards, for a psychologist I expect insight and breakthrough. If you are not doing that, you are not doing your job.

II. For a psychiatrist I expect problem solving and increasing the quality of life of your patient. If you are not doing that then in my estimation you are not doing your job.

When I worked in the field as a counselor and in human services, I always put the best interests of my clients, consumers, patients forward.

I have standards. If a doctor achieves my level of standard, I then refer to them as doctor and mean it.

The secondary own level of subjective view, is if a doctor is a nice and decent man or woman but isn’t meeting the criteria aforementioned. I in my own private thoughts refer to them as Mr. or Mam.

The third category is of those who merely write out scripts on auto pilot in reference to in my view as a ‘paper pusher,’ receive no respect.

III. What are the good and the horror stories of those who have had to receive any mental health help?”


My termites win
Aug 6, 2007
My minimum for a psychiatrist is someone who will listen to my whole psychiatric history and will make sure I don't have side effects with the litany of other medications I am on now.

My minimum for a psychologist changes over time. I want people trained in the forms of therapy I believe will help me with my current struggles. Right now, it is ACT and mindfulness training.

Many of my early psychologists did more harm than good. I pretty much always felt worse after a session than before. My first psychiatrist medicated me into oblivion, and probably created an addiction to Adderall.

Siúil a Rúin

when the colors fade
Apr 23, 2007
Instinctual Variant
For me I don’t expect enlightenment from a counselor but someone who actively listens and withholds judgement. It would be someone who respects my ability to figure it out once my inhibitions, fear, and defenses are safe to remove. I don’t want someone telling me what to think feel or do.

For a psychiatrist I hope for diagnostic clarity. I’ve never been to one but may be going soon for possible psychogenic non-epileptic seizures and ptsd. I’d like someone who isn’t dismissive, but can help me understand what’s happening and then hopefully have a solution.