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What is an excellent barometer of good mental health?


Well-known member
Aug 9, 2009
What is a sign of good mental health?

1. Not taking things personally.

2. Less susceptible to triggers is an absolute great barometer of excellent mental health.

3. Not repaying negative energy with negative energy. Instead walk away from negative, argumentative, disparaging, insulting people. Let them ‘Win’ by protecting their false fragile ego so don’t engage them.

They have lessons to learn. If they react then they are reacting and protecting their false ego. They will continue to be triggered by their own unconscious conflicts, unresolved conflicts, emotional baggage and psychic wounds.

In psychology you have positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. Giving attention to #3 above only reinforces negative behavior. Bruno Bettelheim worked with children with tantrums and negative behavior.

The staff were instructed to not engage the child if they used profanity, destroyed property, cursed etc., unless they were a harm to themselves or others.

Instead staff rewarded by tokens and rewards of good behavior in behavior approximation. If you engage and can not maintain this mental discipline then that is a sign you’ve been triggered. It’s a sign you are not psychologically, emotionally and spiritually mature.

A sign of mental health that is responsible is I take total responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings, speech, writing and actions irregardless of the person or the situation.

Secondly I will not repay negative energy with negative energy. How another person reacts is a reflection of them. How you react is a reflection of you.

He who is unhealed and blames reality or people for his emotions is unhealed. He or she projects their own unfinished business, unresolved conflict, emotional baggage, and unhealed psychic wounds out into others and reality.

They project their own pollution outward rather than take self responsibility for their own emotions. No one can make you feel an emotion, they can only trigger what is already inside. To hold unto anger is to protect your ego. To react is to keep yourself unhealed.

Triggers are opportunities for healing and self growth provided you do not react in the usual manner you are accustomed too.

Instead of getting angry or being under the power of another negative emotion, rise above your ego and reflect plus deal with the situation in a more adult, healthy, sane, rational and responsible manner.” LightSun