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What is the danger sign of having a spiritual ego?


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Aug 9, 2009
“Be careful not to wear spiritualism as a badge to decorate your ego.” Unknown

If one says they are any of this, “woke,’ ‘sheep,’ ‘moral majority,’ etc. by the saying it shows they have what has been deemed as possessing a ‘spiritual ego.’

P.S. (Of course it is all unconscious, and usually unknown by ‘Anyone!’ who thinks they are better than others).”

I’ll share an excellent quote from Dr. Carl Jung. He is a deep man and spot on.

As children we have to develop some sort of healthy self esteem. Once he/I reached a certain age, I began to outgrow my old value system.

In effect the wrong word is not to kill the ego. Rather it is a transcendence.

If one says they are any of this, “woke,’ ‘sheep,’ ‘moral majority,’ etc. by the saying it shows they have what has been deemed a ‘spiritual ego.’

I’m really honest. I try and endeavor not to:

1. Judge. But if a person has crossed an ethical moral self boundary then to stick to objective facts and reason.

2. Calling people names that delve subjective reality is no: Not to use negative, subjective labels.

3. I can try to never label. Labeling, name calling and pejoratives is a cognitive distortion.

4. I can’t define another.

I’m just me. I am no better even than people I can’t tolerate. Each person has the value of one human life form.

One day I’ll die. I can however choose who I have as part of an extended, family.

“I don’t care what you believe in or don’t. As long as you wish to work to make a better earth. So those who meet this - we’re on the same side.

Those that don’t. Well if they’re a one person ego with value and worth defined in an imbalance with, “”Sex, Beauty, Wealth, Fame, Power, and glorifying these and / or Violence…

we’re on a different road. I’m not better. But I don’t have to interact with you.

Let’s focus on our similarities and not our differences. Let’s focus on what we can agree on and work to make this a better planet.” LightSun


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Jul 15, 2024
Anytime "shoulds" are introduced into spirituality in general indicates the presence of ego super-positioned one level above the "norm" (elevated from "regular" ego to spiritual ego).

This is why the resonant frequency of the Sun (the solar entity representative of "light") is 126 hz... 1, 2, and 6 all being "superego" types on the Enneagram.

Stay tuned for more super top secret forbidden spirit leaks.