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“What lessons can we learn from the two types of people we meet on our life path? How can we learn and further our spiritual path by our interaction?


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Aug 9, 2009
“What lessons can we learn from the two types of people we meet on our life path? How can we learn and further our spiritual path by our interaction with these individuals?

Do you know the psychology terms of both “Extinction” as well “Negative Reinforcement?” What do these terms mean and how can we use these psychology terms to our best advantage?

“In our life path, we meet many individuals. Some sorely test us forcing ourselves to reflect, look within and not give in to a trigger.

Some of those individuals have different beliefs than us. That’s okay as each person has a right to believe and act as they see fit.

That’s is if they do not harm themselves or others. In that case we take effective action. We handle the problem with reason.

What I’ve learned in my path in life is that it is almost certainly useless to convince another over a different subjective opinion.

Those who might insult us or use defamatory language only disgrace themselves. It is their path to walk. I simply walk away.

We need people to not uselessly engage another in negative subjective arguments. Or to defend ourselves over a perceived attack.

In that case, it is the ego being triggered. You are protecting a fragile ego. This is the time to reflect and rise above the situation. There is a term in psychology called “Negative Reinforcement.”

If you engage someone displaying inappropriate behavior, you are actually contributing toward that irrational behavior continuing.

If enough people would just shun those who use inappropriate behavior, then “Extinction” would occur of their aberrant behavior. This is yet another psychology term and as such it is very valid.

Then their are the Souls that shine in our lives. We all need each other. Let’s focus on the positive people, and together make this a better world.

We don’t have to agree with everything the other individual believes in. It is enough that we focus on commonalities.

Rather than our differences. This type of action reflects psychological, emotional and spiritual naturism.” LightSun