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The Enneagram of Embodied Authenticity With Jessica Dibb & Russ Hudson


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Feb 5, 2015

I just watched an hour long presentation of what this course is focusing on, the three centres and how to simply understand and focus attention correct on the three centers without all the mystical nonsense and I must say I was impressed with the practical simplicity in explanation. Unfortunately if you go to EnneagramCommunication.com you will not be able to watch the the video that was extended to past students of russ and jessica's previous enneagram workshops.​

Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb

New 7-Week Live Video Course Starts
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Watch Your Free Online Event With Russ Hudson & Jessica Dibb:​

The Enneagram & Conscious Communication

Read below to find out about The Enneagram of Embodied Authenticity With Jessica Dibb & Russ Hudson

Learn about the gifts and challenges of the nine Enneagram types and embark on a path of fully authentic presence, communication, and engagement — so you can free your energy to focus on your life’s unique and essential contribution.​

Discover the Enneagram as a powerful mirror into your own communication habits — and how they may be contributing to or impeding your sense of wholeness and effectiveness in relating to others.​


What’s one quality that can increase your emotional availability and attentiveness when you’re with others, help you cultivate your capacity to receive and offer love...
... become more acutely focused when you’re working, and develop the strength to confront the challenges on our planet — all while keeping your heart wide open?
According to renowned Enneagram teachers Russ Hudson and Jessica Dibb, that quality is PRESENCE.
While many of us think of presence as a mood or state of mind that we step into, it’s actually a profoundly spiritual state of BE-ing that we can embody and continually renew.
Russ and Jessica describe the Enneagram, in part, as a quantum tool for presence.
When understood at its deepest level, it can help you establish communication that’s conscious, responsive (vs. reactive), and profoundly compassionate.
The Enneagram can help you move out of the box of your own idealized (or damaged) self-perception, so you can be fully engaged with your life and the people in it by relating in a fully authentic way.
When you join Jessica and Russ in their brand-new 7-week live video course, they’ll guide you through leading-edge material, newly developed transmission teachings, and practices...
... using the wisdom of the Enneagram to guide you into presence and wholeness — to awaken and embody three important aspects of a fully evolved life — authenticity, communication, and engagement.
How do the qualities of authenticity, communication, and engagement work together to address your longing and create a life of deep satisfaction, ease, presence, and purpose?
Every moment you’re fully authentic frees your energy to respond to each experience with the life force, love, and awareness that runs through us, is us, and is all things.
Authenticity is the ultimate fulfillment of your true nature and enables you to be embodied and take action in your life. It happens when you’re fully present, without fixation.
The Enneagram is unparalleled for precisely and compassionately unmasking fixated identities, showing you how your type produces a false form of authenticity, and illuminating pathways for non-fixated presence.
The Enneagram can also profoundly impact your personal relationships and help you support others in their growth and blossoming. Each type has a gift of communication that can invite authenticity in both yourself and others.
Through the wisdom of the Enneagram, you can shed some of the habitual, egoic preoccupations of your type and connect with others in a more fulfilling way. Your heart is then freed up to inhabit what truly matters to you.
With the rapid changes happening on our planet, now’s the time to engage and get involved with your authentic calling and the flowering of your purpose.

During this life-enhancing course, you’ll:​

  • Discern what real authenticity looks and feels like somatically, emotionally, and cognitively — through the lens of each of the 9 Enneagram types — and how you can reclaim those qualities
  • Explore the different elements that each of the 9 Enneagram points reflect about authentic communication and engagement in the world — regardless of your type
  • Learn the ways authenticity opens novel pathways of communication that support wellbeing, personal development, and creativity in engagement
  • Be guided in experiential exercises in each session to feel how you embody the lessons of each type
  • Find that each point on the Enneagram holds a powerful ingredient to your whole and authentic BE-ing
  • Realize that being immersed in the luminosity of presence helps you release your energy from the burden of pretending or reactivity, so your innate gifts, your essential contribution, can start pouring forth from you
  • Embrace the opportunity to open your heart and live in radiant awakened engagement with what matters to you most
  • Experience what it might be like to live with more peace of mind knowing that you’re communicating in an understanding and compassionate way with your loved ones
  • Understand that the more you are authentically who you are, the more your life, relationships, and engagement with the world will change
  • And much more...

This program is designed to help you move away from presentation and into presence.
Your attention — which may have been geared toward serving your egoic agenda (or damaged sense of self) — can focus on your real gifts to illuminate yourself, those around you, and this ever-evolving world.
In each of the seven sessions, you’ll learn about one or two of the Enneagram types, and how they uniquely contribute a certain quality of authenticity.
Work with the false authenticity that tends to entrance us all, and have an experience of integrating all nine aspects of authenticity within yourself.
Explore the characteristic ways each type’s false authenticity blocks and distorts communication — and even harms the authenticity and growth of loved ones, friends, and colleagues...
... and practice all the ways the nine types can evoke whole and compassionate communication.
Once you’ve engaged in the inner work of revealing and polishing your authentic self, and practiced communicating in a way that honors wholeness and truth in your relationships...
... you’ll finally explore the nine gifts of engagement that can help you attune to your purpose and lead you on a luminous path of awakened involvement with what truly inspires and lights you up.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks​

In this 7-week transformational course, Russ and Jessica will guide you through fundamental skills and competencies to explore the communication gifts and challenges of the nine Enneagram types and embark on a path of fully authentic presence, communication, and engagement.

Join the Livestream — or Stream Later to Watch at Your Convenience​


You’ll connect with Russ and Jessica and experience their teachings through livestreaming video via any connected device. This connection is easy to use and will enhance the impact of Russ and Jessica’s transmissions. Can’t make it live? After each class, you can stream the video and audio recordings to enjoy anytime and anywhere at your convenience.

Weekly Sessions Wednesdays at 10:00am Pacific

This course will feature LIVE teachings, interactive sessions, experiential practices, and Q&A with Russ and Jessica. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to free your energy for cultivating a truly authentic life and focusing on your unique and essential contribution — through the wisdom of the Enneagram and the gifts of the nine types.

Module 1: The Enneagram of Authenticity & Engagement — How to Become Fully Human & Embark on a Life-Giving Path (November 29)​


Most of us long for a life that feels meaningful, purposeful, and actualized.
To make this a reality, we have to learn to communicate and engage with others authentically. When we do, we can grow within our relationships and support the growth of those around us.
Many people, however, didn’t have the opportunity to develop authentic communication and engagement, because we had to sacrifice, hide, or contort our true self — and build a false “authentic” self.
When we become painfully aware of this, we can then explore the nature of authenticity and authentic communication and engagement.
If we’re not completely authentic in our exploration, we’re taking this journey of self-inquiry with well-worn blinders.
This is where the Enneagram can support radical and precise, yet compassionate, deconstruction of the patterns we’ve come to believe are our authentic selves.
And, help us see and experience the somatic, emotional, and cognitive habits which have become unconscious.
This frees up the energy we’ve invested in our inauthentic presentations, so it can now flow into life-giving and truly authentic pathways.
In this opening module, you’ll learn:
  • What authenticity is somatically, emotionally, and cognitively, and be guided in practices to open pathways for the embodiment of authenticity
  • How the false sense of self dramatically impedes communication that supports wellbeing, personal development, and creativity in engagement with others and the world
  • How authenticity opens novel pathways of communication that lead to conscious engagement for a creative and co-creative life
  • The different elements that each of the 9 Enneagram points reflect about authentic communication and engagement in the world — regardless of your type — and how each type also shows us what happens when we fail to connect with our authentic core
Modules 2 through 6 will explore all 9 types of the Enneagram. For each one, you’ll discover:
  • Each type’s particular fixated view — how they get psychologically stuck, and why
  • How each type seeks to be authentic in a way that cannot ultimately work because the ego’s version of authenticity cannot be authentic
  • What real authenticity looks and feels like through the lens of each type
  • The qualities each type habitually generates in their communication that almost always invite inauthentic sharing from others — and the qualities they generate when they’re present, which elevates communication so it’s more effective and valuable for everyone’s wholeness and growth
  • What kinds of communication styles best open authentic dialogue with each type
  • Transmission teachings and experiential exercises to consider how the lessons of each type appear in each of us — and how the particular forms of both authentic and inauthentic communication show up
  • How to reclaim the authentic expressions of each point
See below for dates and themes for each of these modules.

Module 2: Points 8 & 9 — Empowerment & Reconnection (December 6)​


  • Point 8: From Emotional Armor to Having a Voice — A Journey of Empowerment
  • Point 9: From Disengagement to Active Participation — A Journey of Reconnection

Module 3: Points 1 & 2 — Integrity & Kindness (December 13)​


  • Point 1: From Rigid Opinions to Finding New Truth — A Journey of Integrity
  • Point 2: From Seeking Closeness to Authentic Connection — A Journey of Kindness

Module 4: Points 3 & 4 — Truth & Intimacy (December 20)​


  • Point 3: From Image Management to Self Revelation — A Journey of Living Truth
  • Point 4: From Self-Absorption to Sharing Our Depth — A Journey of Real Intimacy

Module 5: Points 5 & 6 — Inquiry & Courage (January 3)​


  • Point 5: From Repeating Information to Discovering New Truths — A Journey of Inquiry
  • Point 6: From Fearful Assumptions & Planning to Recognizing the Way Forward — A Journey of Courage

Module 6: Point 7 — Appreciation & Integration (January 10)​


  • Point 7: From Restless Overthinking to Savoring the Realness of the Moment — A Journey of Appreciation
  • The second portion of this session will be devoted to integrative practice and exercises: authentic breathing, somatic sensing of the 9 authentic energies, inquiry into our undiscovered pretenses, and inquiry into our natural state of authenticity

Module 7: Staying the Course — Integrating New Wisdom & Practices Into Your Authentic Life (January 17)​


The more we are authentically what we are, the more our life, relationships, and engagement with the world will change.
Some of those changes may feel exhilarating and freeing; some of them may feel a little frightening. Integrating new wisdom into daily practice can raise feelings of vulnerability.
In this closing module, explore ways to stay the course.
Allow the somatic, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual transformations you’ve experienced in this course to integrate — through whatever uncertainties, confusion, fear, letting go, and embracing may follow.
This final session will offer:
  • Guidance and practices for navigating those thrilling — yet sometimes harrowing — life experiences
  • A review of what you’ve learned and methods for continually bringing your transformation into your life and relationships
  • An extended Q&A to help integrate the impacts of this course into your life
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