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Do you have an open mind?


Well-known member
Aug 9, 2009
“Do you have Tolerance for people with disparate beliefs other than your own? Do you have open mindedness? Do you show Respect for people who think differently than you do through your actions and attitude?

Can you communicate these qualities in respectful dialogue through your communication?

“For those who espouse that only realists are in the right and put down or state we don’t need idealism, you are being irrational. The vice versa is true as well.

For those that espouse that either liberalism or conservatism is the bane and ruin of society, you are irrational. In fact you are blinded by your fear, unconscious prejudices, stereotypes and showcase your lack of understanding of our world.

For those who blame religion as the cause of most of the problems in our history, you too show misguidance. There would be evil in the world whether their was religion or not.

For those who say being Christian makes you a better person, I want to share this with you.

‘Belief in a just world’

“M.J. Lerner studied the tendency of individuals to believe in a just world. In a just world, good things happen to good people, and bad things happen to bad people.

Much of the recent research into a just world (BJW) centers around developing measures that indicate the degree to which an individual believes in a just world.

A strong belief in a just world increases the likelihood of “Blaming the victim” since such a world view denies the possibility of innocent victims.” [Kaplan, GRE: Graduate Record Examination. Subject Test: Psychology, Sixth Edition. Kaplan Publishing, 2016.]

Believing in a just, fair, loving God or universe subconsciously influences more judgmental attitudes. A blame the victim mental attitude with less empathy for the disenfranchised and needful people of our country.

Being Christian should make you a better person with a more loving attitude. I see those who stick to religious dogma of loving towards those who have similar beliefs but they are divisive and less tolerant of those who hold a dissimilar belief system.

People can believe anything they wish to as long as they are not harming self or others. People who espouse faith would be well to remember this. Unfortunately all of this lack of tolerance for diversity and people holding disparate beliefs are rooted in the unconscious.

If people, whether Christian believers or any other belief and persuasion want to become more tolerant and loving, it would be well for them to be aware of the unconscious. In fact becoming more mindful will only enhance and strengthen a follower of Jesus to be more loving and better Christian’s.