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How to be Successful as a Person, in School or Business, Social Relationships, also as Parent, and more


Sep 24, 2017
To be successful as a person, one has to know how to make one's own decisions, as well as make peace with wrongs committed in the past.

To start, if you have stolen from someone, or have made someone angry in anyway, like from childhood, please take a moment to think of that person in the mind, and ask for forgiveness. This will help make the mind a lot clearer, and more conducive to energetic information.

Next, release any Emotional Repressions that you have, or balance the Emotional Releases in both the mind and body, particularly with regards to Anger, Sadness, Fear, Envy, Love, and Belief. Particular eye movements might help with this process.

Afterwards, lift or push the brain region behind or next to the Temple Muscles upwards, if you have not already consciously done so, as this will help check any negative thoughts, so they do not consume your thinking. It also helps activate your body energetically, and keeps it in an active state. Additionally, you can push or lift the brain regions in the rear left and rear right upwards. The rear left brain region helps increase your curiosity for knowledge and experience, while the rear right brain region helps increase your desire to lead a healthy life and cultivate a healthier body.

Finally, you can pay attention to the Three Bodies of Decision Making, each with its own Pineal and Sacral region, and keep them steady when paying attention to them in the mind. Any vexations means something is not in alignment with a thought or decision:
The Astral Body Pineal helps with determining if a thought is truthful, beneficial, or meaningful (felt in the center of forehead)
Astral Body Sacral helps with determining if an action or doing something is meaningful (also felt in the center of forehead)
The Self Body Pineal helps with determining if there is a meaningful solution to a particular problem (felt in the head)
The Self Body Sacral helps determine if a decision or action has beneficial outcome or result (felt in the stomach)
The Earth Body Pineal helps with determining if actions have meaning, purpose or direction (felt as solid ground below the feet)
The Earth Body Sacral helps with determining if one's thoughts are with one's parents in mind, or if they are for the benefit of society. (also felt as solid ground below the feet)

When a thought forms in your head, and you don't feel like doing it, don't just ignore the thought; say "no" in your mind, or explain why you don't want to do it, and then check how you feel. If you feel vexed, then it would be more advantageous to follow through on the action.

Keep a healthy body weight, especially by ensuring that there is not much fat buildup between the chin and neck area. Too much fat in this area results in too much rumination over past actions, and taking things more seriously than necessary. Apparently, the blood vessels (and associated sensory organs in the neck), that flow from the heart to the brain, helps with forming psychic-energetic connections (increasing the effectiveness of the psychic modalities), making the area a part of the mind. This means that it's very important for the area to feel comfortable and free from heavy folds of fat, like when moving or turning the head.


To be successful in school or an endeavor, one has to pay attention to one's emotions, as well as attention and action. For emotions, it's to maintain happiness energy, so if you were to draw your current facial or emotional expression as a happy face, it would be like a contented smiley face. This happy emotional expression comes from self-esteem, which is formed through correct thoughts and actions. For attention, one has to pay attention to what's learned, what information is important or impactful, and what information is interesting or useful. For action, one has to pay attention to what's important or can bring value, and what's urgent or needed.

Next, in whatever you encounter, you have to put what you hear or read into your own words, by deeply thinking about the concept or experiencing it first-hand. What you read or heard cannot be taken as is, as it comes from the mouth of others, so to transform it into one's own requires mental processing and sometimes, direct experience.

You also have to give 100% attention to whatever it is you are doing, even to the point where you forget the passing of time, or what's happening around you and the world.

Additionally, you have to be self-motivated, by doing something without needing another person's encouragement, supervision or close-watch.

Finally, you have to do it day after day, and persist in the action over time.


To be successful in social relationships, one has to be grateful for all that others have done for you. Another is to understand the other person, and knowing how people are different, like understanding MBTI, Frequency Temperament, and temperament personality systems, and the four psychic modalities and two intuitive modality preferences. Knowing how personality manifests, or how the psychic modalities show up in the physical is especially helpful.


To be a successful parent, one has to view child rearing as a job, using love as a guide. Don't force the child to study or learn, though do encourage early learning to build a solid foundation. Anything you demand of your child you must first do so yourself.

This is the advice from doctoral Harvard professor, Tianxi Tsai's, father, who successfully reared many of his other sons and daughters to be doctorates.


To be a successful decision maker, like whether to buy something, you can use your temple muscles to decide (the muscles beside your eye sockets), by asking yourself "do I buy this". If the Temple Muscles move up really far, then that means a very affirmative Yes. You can check by asking "do I not buy this", if the Temple Muscles do not move up as far or strong, then it's still a Yes. However, if it moves up even stronger then "do I buy this", then it means that you don't buy it.

You can also check whether you really want to buy something, by asking in your own tongue or the language of your heart (not the language that's been taught by parents or society), and get an answer.

Getting what you want requires walking or seeking the right path. You can ask yourself what the righteous path is, for soul development, or tell yourself to seek the righteous path for soul development, truth, or wisdom. Also, know that there is a right way to do anything.

Seeking the righteous path for soul development will release the Sadness and Fear emotional repressions (if you are woman), or Sadness and Envy emotional repressions of the lungs (if you are man), as well as the Sadness and Envy for the afar ether (if you are woman), or Sadness and Fear for the afar ether (if you are man).


To successfully help raise the physical body expectation (when you are in physical danger, for example), you can picture in your mind a white light in the distance, like the light at the far side of a tunnel.

One has to understand that the Physical Body helps with mood, energy levels, and memory. It also helps the body interpret messages gained through the psychic modalities, and can help manage thought as well. Additionally, the physical body has information regarding time and the physicality, so for example, the people you meet and that you are romantically interested has a linkage to your age and physical location. Finally, one has to pay attention to the body's comfort, because any discomfort, especially those caused by hurriedly rushing from place to place with things to do, means there might be something wrong with the timing.

When you are feeling painful, or something is not right with the body, you can ask the body what is wrong, and get an answer through the psychic modalities, as a thought.

Knowing how people reincarnate in cycles of male and female forms will also help raise the Physical Body Expectation.

When you are feeling depressed, pay attention to how your desires or expectations are to be for the present moment, not for some future moment. Also, know that time and laughter cure most pains, and that there is a right way to do or achieve anything, like the phrase "seek a righteous path, and wisdom will be yours" (spoken by Ram Bomjon).

The Physical Body Expectation's energy is very expansive or wide, when it's high. This energy can also be used to check on actions, thoughts or phrases, and see if such an action, thought or phrase can stand the test of time. So, the more expansive it is, the longer lasting it is.

To successfully believe in or know about reincarnation, and not fear death, one has to observe black-and-white photos from early 1900s, and find how that person is of one sex in that time period, though of the opposite sex in the present time period. This means people reincarnate between male and female form, in 100 year cycles. It's similar to how a painting, art or fashion style might be unpopular or overlooked in one era, though popular and highly regarded in the next.

To successfully find a love partner, one has to know that finding a love partner is not about your age or when you want to get settled down and married. It's about having the opportunity of meeting that someone, and the chance to establish contact and maintain communication.

If you have previously made an oath or promise to marry someone, even if you were very young, like in kindergarten, and the promise is not likely to happen (if you are a close relative or if there is no more contact between the two), or you do not want to marry that someone anymore (like becoming attracted to someone else), then you have to think of the person, and pull the cord or energetic rod, "arrow" or connection from out of the heart energy area. Otherwise, your heart energy will have Naga Emotional Repression Patterns (having repressions in the major emotional releases, except anger and sadness), and it would feel very uncomfortable in the area, when you want to get romantically close to another person.

Additionally, when your heart energy is free from previous energetic connections, this will also make it easier to speak using the heart. This language is different from the language that's been taught by society or your parents, and might require mental processing when you use it to speak someone, or in figuring out what to say. A major advantage of this is it makes you more aware of what the other person wants, and it helps prevent emotional repressions from forming in the ether between the two of you, so it heightens one's emotional intelligence from this perspective.

Obtaining anything requires seeking the righteous path, and if you ask yourself "what is the righteous path for soul development", this will naturally help you accept the right partner. For a woman, this might mean paying more attention to the man that you like, and being more active in respond or accepting his dating proposals. For a man, this means knowing which woman is attracted to you, and having the intention of establishing a romantic relationship with that someone. Additionally, seeking the righteous path in soul development releases the Sadness and Envy Emotional Repressions in the muscular system for men (so that they are not so concerned about wealth or social status), and it releases the Sadness and Fear Emotional Repressions for women (so they are not so worried about fidelity or availability).

To successfully tell truth from falsehood, one can ask whether the thought or idea brings one closer to love, or further from it. This is previously mentioned by Erin Pavlina, in her website article.

The information is previously mentioned in Common Adages to Live By, though it's worth mentioning it in a separate thread.

How to successfully know that chickens come before chicken eggs, one has to know how certain creatures suddenly appear in our dimension, that can be seen and touched, only to disappear into another realm or parallel dimension, to become unseen again. Big Foot and Duandes (South American gnomes) are two such creatures, that can appear and disappear at will. There are animals that appear in this dimension, though cannot disappear into another dimension at will, thus becoming a newly discovered or rediscovered species, such as the case of the flightless island bird, Aldabra rail, which disappeared with its island thousands of years ago, only to reappear again in 2019, when the bird was rediscovered on the island, living the way it did a hundred thousand years ago. Squirrels are another example, in which people in 2000 claim that squirrels only exist in North America, though in 2005, the British report that they have the red squirrel, which exists only in the UK and no where else on Earth. Then, in 2020, Japan and India both claim they have squirrels not existing elsewhere, and now, squirrels are reported on every continent besides Antarctica.

This means that the squirrels, and Aldabra rail, might be arriving from another dimension parallel to our own, much like the Duande or Big Foot, except they do not disappear into their other dimension at will. In an earlier thread, there is mention of how creatures come from dimensions of more Emotional Repression Release, so these animals may be similarly appearing from those dimensions. Like the chicken and egg question, just because the first chicken cannot be seen, it does not mean that it does not exist. On the other hand, there are people who reportedly disappear into another dimension, where people cannot see or hear them in this dimension, and what feels like minutes passing in their dimension actually means hours have passed in the current dimension. While these people cannot reappear in our dimension at will, or disappear into the other dimension at will, it means that this other dimension exists parallel to this one, and that there are methods to enter, through processes still not fully understood, except gleaned through concepts such as the multiverse and ether from multiple universes.

More information regarding this topic can be found on this thread.

To successfully take control of your own mental faculties, learn to say "no" in the mind. Also, know that it's you who came into this world, and that the world is not changing around you. Knowing this will help release the Envy Emotional Repression in the eyes. Finally, you can ask for the "turn on" in your mind. This will help turn back on any mental abilities that were previously inadvertently turned off.

To successfully feel comfortable at a location after someone has made a challenge using anger and fear (also known as "hate"), you have to think of the person and ask for forgiveness in the mind. Also, one can help prevent this challenge of using hate, by respecting or answering to the body's call for having children, by feeling for the energy around the genital-buttocks area. This is similar to the energy as described for Human-Reptilian beings in the Frequency Temperament. Any attempts to ignore this energy, or becoming detached from it, will lead to feelings of repressed anger and fear.

This environmental spot of repressed anger and fear energy is formed when someone has made a challenge using those emotional repressions, in response to repressed emotions like anger or fear. Another way it forms is when a man approaches and asks for a woman's phone number suddenly, and seemingly without alerting her, also without any hint at wanting a conversation, and the woman refuses in a not so polite way, or using repressed anger or fear. This energy, once formed, will make the person very uncomfortable at thinking about visiting or approaching the place, unless the person thinks of the other person in the mind to ask for forgiveness, or think of the person, and ask him to request forgiveness in the mind by thinking of that someone.

To successfully communicate with others and raise your "EQ", besides standing from the other person's point of view, or being respectful and attentive, you have to know that the human brain is not the only "brain" in the body, as the heart, the skin, and the reproductive-organs all can reflect a person's emotions, as well as communicate with the person, acting as "command centers", influencing mood, thinking patterns, motivations, and decisions.

For example, when a person eats, the brain says "there is so much more food I want to eat", the heart says "there are a lot of food that I like", the skin says "this is getting uncomfortable or unenjoyable, that's enough food for one sitting", while the reproductive-organ says "stay away from the food".

Affirmation primary love language Energy beings appear to be able to connect (to other people) using Skin

Physical intimacy love language Energy beings appear to be able to connect (to other people) using the Heart

Quality time love language Energy beings appear to be able to connect (to other people) using the Brain

Sensor beings appear to be able to connect (to other people) using the Sex-organs.

To feel for this energy, the person has to be cleared of the Draco Telepathic Taunting (by asking for forgiveness of the person wronged in the mind), as well as achieving the Mind-Body Emotional Repression Release rebalance (this might entail certain eye movements). Activating the body's energy by lifting the brain regions next to the Temple Muscles will certainly help as well.

To successfully prevent previous life Emotional Repressions from interfering in this life, one can think of the great qualities that your mom and your dad have, and possess them on your body. For example, if your behavior causes others to feel Repressed Sadness and Repressed Love, and your actions are characteristic of Repressed Anger, Fear, Envy and Belief, then you can think of how your mother knows what she wants and how to get it, and how your dad makes friends who are also highly successful as scientists and students, and next think and picture those qualities as being on your own body.

To successfully be more connected with all life, one can first connect the heart energy to the sun. The Sun is necessary for all life on Earth, either directly or indirectly, as if it is another part of their body. To connect, one can look at the sun for a split second, especially at sunrise or sunset, or hear the sounds that come from within the sun, and then wish the sun to find the love of its life. Also, the sounds coming within the Earth can also be connected with using the Heart, by listening to the sounds from within a drill hole, and using the heart energy, wishing it to find the love of its life.

Interestingly, connecting the heart energy to the Sun also makes one realize the benefits of having a tapeworm. The tapeworm has co-evolved with humans since ancient times, and depends on humans to sexually reproduce, so it understands the human system energetically, and on a sensory or physical level. While people have given the tapeworm a bad rep due to confusions with hookworm and roundworm, it's a valuable asset once someone reaches at least 14 years old, after the body has the time to mature. It can also be removed after the age of 63, as the necessity for red meat, like beef or lamb, declines.

Benefits of having tapeworms include:

  • No allergies or a significant reduction in the occurrence of allergic reactions
  • Greater feeling of love and attraction for your love partner
  • Greater attraction to your potential romantic love
  • Greater feeling of joy upon having a baby
  • Keeping a healthier body weight
  • Knowing what to eat to keep the tapeworms and the gut environment healthier
  • Happiness seeing and knowing that the tapeworms are leaving the body, and that it's moving on to its next phase in life
Having the tapeworms' emotions in mind, will lead to:

  • Increased energy and motivation to do the things that interest you and are important
  • Better appetite and increased curiosity for exotic dishes or meats
  • Increased awareness for tasks or activities that are not enjoyable or suitable
  • Increased aversions to playing video games that involve killing
  • Increased aversions to killing for anything except food, including money or profit
To successfully enter the flow state, you can direct your heart energy where it feels comfortable, and then decreasing the time-stamp to zero helps with experiencing a timeless feeling, or achieving the Flow state. Previously, it's mentioned in how to be a successful student, that "you also have to give 100% attention to whatever it is you are doing, even to the point where you forget the passing of time, or what's happening around you and the world", this flow state is what that is about.

For the Benefactor Resource Temperament, one can tell oneself to do something for an amount of hours, and access internal time, not the one based on the watch or clock. For the Creditor Resource Temperament, one can focus on transforming what's read into one's own words, or as if one is channeling the mind of the writer, to understand the written material. These actions help the people of their respective Resource Temperaments achieve Flow State.

To successfully release Anger and Fear Emotional Repression (aka Hate) in a reincarnating species or race (aka sentient being), and also from the ether in their areas of habitation, one can think of the race or species in question, and say in the mind "I will not eat [the species] any longer", or "I will not indiscriminately kill people of [this race] anymore", or "I will not genetically modify [this species] to hinder their reproductive success anymore".

Interestingly, what people eat also activates them on a genetic level, so the Emotional Repression Release associated with the action transcends a person's lifetime. If people have eaten other humans in the past, due to famine, war or cruelty (even morbid interest or curiosity), then their voice might not resonate with other people on a physical level, even in subsequent reincarnations (due to Fear emotional repression in the physical ether). This entails thinking about people, and saying in the mind "I will no longer eat humans anymore". If one feels another person's voice cannot resonate with others or oneself on a physical level, then one can think of that person, and say in the mind "can you say in your mind that you will not eat humans anymore".

Also, certain people might have voice that do not resonate with people on a physical level, though it does not mean that they are "man-eaters" activated genetically, just that they have repressed Anger and repressed Love internally, due to Environmental Emotional Repression Release modulator having had sex with (or giving virginity to) someone of a "lower" Racial Temperament (a Racial Temperament associated with a major emotional repression, like Sadness, meaning that people of the Racial Temperament comes from (or first appeared in) an Environment where the Emotional Repression Release is at the Yautja or Sadness level [Anger emotional repression has been released, though not Sadness and the other Emotional repressions]).

Other species that reincarnate include dogs and mosquitos, so thinking about dogs and saying in the mind "I will not eat dogs any longer" enables your voice to resonate with them on a physical level, while also releases the Fear emotional repression that they have towards you. Similarly, one can say "I will not genetically modify mosquitos so they reproduce less, or do something that endangers their existence as a species", so they no longer feel repressed Anger and Fear towards the particular race of humans. Also, White people can say "I will not indiscriminately kill Japanese Asian people anymore" (as in the dropping of atomic bombs).

To successfully remain faithful and loyal to one lover, one has to understand that affections are built through physical intimacy, and that two people become one on a physical level after becoming pregnant together. Sexual intercourse can help with forming the heart-meld connection or heart tether, which is more stable and intimate than any physical affirmations of love, like sending flowers, or doing a pinky promise.

To successfully connect Cerebro with Neuro, specifically for those Intuitives who are differentiated with respect to Directional Temperament, one can use My-Everything Relationship Temperament eyes on the self. Connecting this allows for better communication among the Wisps, particularly with the Heart Wisp, hence enhancing one's psychic modality.

When the Cerebro is connected with Neuro, one can feel the energy in the stomach area and on that area's skin, or just below the sternum (middle of ribcage). Interestingly, the energy area can also express emotional repressions, like Anger, when what you are thinking or doing is not right. Another way to connect between Cerebro and Neuro is to tell yourself "Seek a righteous path for wisdom" or something similar, like "Seek a righteous path, and wisdom will be yours".

To further enhance one's psychic modality, one can cast the Woo-Aww-Wow Relationship Temperament on the Sun Wisp (feeling like an opening in the top left hand of brain). Additionally, one can use the Mind-Body Emotional Repression Release Rebalance eyes on the top left and straight top, to open those connections.

One can also connect Cerebro with Neuro by having a Middle-space Relationship Temperament perspective, namely, between Top-Down perspective and Bottom-up perspective.

To successfully get rid of hiccups and that "music in the head", one can say thank you to the energetic telepathic ethers, particularly for bringing you information (like juggling your memory) and new creative thoughts.

To successfully have a clearer mind and be more connected energetically, one can do the following in order:
  1. Learn to say "no" in the mind
  2. Please ask for forgiveness, the person you have stolen from or thought wrongly about, in the mind
  3. Know that "There is a right way to do anything"
  4. "Seek a righteous path for soul development" or "finding your romantic lover" (say to yourself)
  5. Say to yourself: "Seek a righteous path, and wisdom will be yours"
  6. Achieve balance in emotional repression releases in mind and body (might entail certain eye movements)
  7. Lift the brain regions next to the temple muscles (muscles beside your eyes) to activate your body's energy matrix
  8. Connect your heart to the sun, by seeing the sun for a moment, or hear the sounds coming from inside the sun, and wish for it to find the love of its life. This is your second body.
  9. Also, ask for the "turn on" in the mind, by saying "can you turn it on please" to the spiritual ether. Remember to, from time to time, say thank you in the mind, give good food (in the mind), and a red packet (in the mind). Also, say "I love you guys" from time to time, as well.
  10. Cast the Woo-Aww-Wow on the pineal gland energy (inside the brain), as well as the heart energy (if not already done so), and make that stable by connecting Cerebro with Neuro, by connecting the pineal gland energy with the heart energy and the pubic muscle energy (which also appears o activate the Middle-space in the Relationship Temperament eyes, which has characteristics of both Top-Down Relationship Temperament and Bottom-Up Relationship Temperament). The pubic muscle energy can also be cast with Woo-Aww-Wow, which makes it go into Lover Relationship Temperament, whereas it's normally indicative of age, like Parent Relationship Temperament, and Grandparent Relationship Temperament, etc.
  11. Affirm that you are willing to live as the opposite sex in the next life (if you are of Heterosexual Sexual Temperament), or as a Sensor being in another Species Temperament (if you are a 12PM Energy being)
  12. Clap your hands in your mind to do the Indian Head Nod, to fully absorb the love-happiness energy into your body, which allows the Griffin Wisp (also known as Angel of Love) to inhabit the Heart energy (use "there is a right way to do anything", to keep it there), provided that your Heart Energy region already has Lover Relationship Temperament
  13. Tie your Pineal Energy, Heart Energy, and Pubic Muscle Energy to the Parent Energy, or who you feel more comfortable calling father and mother
  14. Have your reincarnation energy be that of Child-First primary, instead of Improvement-First (if you are an intuitive, and not a sensor)
  15. Have your mind energy be that of "I am because of others around me"
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May 10, 2022
good useful topic, I think the most important thing is to have good charisma