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How do you define depth? What even is it, and does it matter?

Mind Maverick

Typology Limits Your Thinking
Jan 17, 2018
In my view its something that comes naturally as you overcome personal struggles. Someone may argue that people who think deeply about topics and engage into intellectual conversations around them are deep, but i dont necessarily agree. The difference in opinion and stance between someone who has gone through an experience and someone who just analyzes it is usually obvious. Looking at the big picture is something that can help you find solutions but it usually keeps you detached from the details that are the cause of the struggle to begin with.

It also depends on self awareness of course. Going on autopilot in life without analyzing how you are affected or change as you move forward wont give you any depth. So self reflecting is the other essential factor to reach it. Examining your stance in life helps you become more aware of the position others take which makes forming an opinion about it much easier.

EDIT: I was defining how i view depth of character here. Depth in general can mean a lot of things depending on context.
Ironically, I think this barely scratches the surface of this topic. There's so much more that can be said. It's just the tip of the iceberg.