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Help me finally figure out my mbti type (am I ENTP or INTP)


New member
Apr 24, 2022
I've been looking into typology for a while now, so I'm not entirely new to this topic. My conclusion was that I am probably xNTP but I still can't figure out my type even after all those hours I put into studying it. It is really frustrating..
Here is something about me.
(It's possible that there will be some minor mistakes because english isn't my first language)

I am 16 and a female.
My hobbies are psychology, classic literature and drawing.
You can find me sitting in the room and just quietly listening others while I am creating opinions in my head. However, if the topic of conversation change to something I am passionate about I switch into the lecture mode and fully engage in the conversation. I like to talk about philosophical things and hearing other opinions. I am pretty good at explaining things as well by putting them in the way my peers could understand it. (I am not doing this all the time tho, sometimes I just say what I know about it in my words.)

I like to be center of attention when it comes to something I am good in but most of the time I am pretty anti-social and I need a lot of time for myself and alone. I can be really stubborn and act cocky as well, especially when it comes to dealing with family members. I treasure deep connections with people even though I am insecure about my emotions and "sense of myself" is how I like to call it (I feel gross when it comes to physical contact for example, but this has nothing to do with people wanting to comfort me with it.)

I procrastinate a lot because I don't find things that doesn't interest me stimulating enough. I can plan things but I never finish them. What I like is thinking about the plans not actually sticking to them, because I am really lazy.

I like to know how things and people work and I am able to notice details that resonates with something I know. (e.g I noticed weird behavior of someone while analyzing some details -> I connected the details together with other things I noticed in the past that support this theory and while I noticed all of this because I already knew the conclusion I am putting it all together in the end)
I just like to create theories, but firstly I need to have some proper base to them.

In group conversations being right is usually more important then arriving to truth for me, but when I am talking with someone I am comfortable with about deep topics, I enjoy looking at it from a different views and exploring what might be the truth.
I can feel when the atmosphere in the room change and I know when I should try engaging someone in the conversation and when it's better to let them be. (ofc I can't recognize it everytime) Being in control of a social situations and people in team was pleasant to me, but last few years I find myself overthinking everything and being ok when someone helps me decide by giving me advices.

I forget about things or where I put my stuff constantly. When it comes to something I give my full focus to and it interests me I remember it well. Another thing I really like is summing things up. Looking into something, finding patterns and creating just a few sentences that summarize the topic is always thing I do in the end of any explaining or philosophical discussion.

Lastly my enneagram is 5w4 and my tritype should be 548 and I am sp/sx. (I am not quite sure with other types)
I did so many tests on cognetive functions and my results were always = the highest was Ne, then really high Ti after that I also had high Fe and Fi, Si was low because of questions like: Do you usually forget where you put stuff? Which I answered with strongly agree. I am not sure if I have higher Si then that, or not.

Ask me any questions! Please help me with this mbti crisis of mine..


Well-known member
Sep 17, 2014
You might be ENTJ.

Don't ask me how that works with your cognitive function results..

It took me like 8 years to be certain about my type.
Sep 24, 2020
Instinctual Variant
ENTP maybe, but what do you mean by "being right is usually more important then arriving to truth"?