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Am I Alpha or Beta Quadra? (Socionics)


New member
Apr 16, 2022
I find myself relating to both of these quadras and wanted to ask for assistance on how to distinguish which I’d fit into better. Specifically, Im considering SEI and IEI.

A part of me likes “hierarchy” in group situations. I like to be seen and noticed in a group setting. If I hypothetically did not feel like I was a relevant member of a group, I would leave it.

I do secretly enjoy conflict and arguments as long as it’s not unhealthy or toxic and no one’s feelings are being severely hurt- It gives me a sense of excitement. Though Im very very passive and shy, I will still often confront people who wrong me, even if others tell me to stop making a big deal out of it. I like arguing with people who have insane political opinions online, but usually I’ll back down easily if a group of people turn on me. When I was younger I had a few notable mild “arguments” with teachers, if i heard someone say something about me I would usually go up to them and ask what their deal was.

I have a “them vs us” mentality, if you’re not in the group you’re against it.

I also struggle to accept new people into groups who don’t fit the vibe of everyone else.
although I have no power, I do desire it. I HATE being seen as meek, shy, passive with a passion- even though I am all of those things to my own dismay. I don’t want to be your safe comforting mom friend.


In debates my aim is to persuade others of my vision, apparently Betas don’t care about converting the viewpoints of others. For me, power is in numbers and I am a very persuasive person (not in a bad way, I just know how to alter my viewpoint so it is understandable to others) so the more people who agree with my viewpoint = the more likelihood of it becoming a reality.

In a group situation my main aim is to make everyone laugh and have a good time, I feel responsible for the enjoyment of others. I’d rather have an atmosphere of teasing and mocking than serious discussions in a group situation, I only like serious discussions when they’re one on one.

I don’t value knowledge for the sake of it, but If it provides something, a conversation topic, power etc. Just having it for no reason is kind of pointless.

I care about being right in debates and try to steer people towards my vision for them if i believe it is the best for them.

Conflict and high tension can make me uncomfortable if Im pressured to take a side, so i’d rather just walk away.