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[Type 4] 4w3 vs 4w5

Saturnal Snowqueen

LL"s Atom Bomb Baby
Jan 9, 2019
Instinctual Variant
Something I noticed too-I'm not totally anti-trend. I hop on a lot of bandwagon social media things, like those this or that questions because I like talking about what defines me(which is very 4w3 I think). If it garnered someone else attention, it is likely failproof in getting me attention. Food trends, I don't join them to be trendy, I just want to eat it. I know fashion trends though, I'm not a fan of brand name things, I find them deindividualizing. Technically though, I'm drawn to certain fashion movements, like lolita and Harajuku and certain "cores", which I have mixed feelings about; it feels wrong putting a label on every single style but I like reading about those different aesthetics and their key elements.

Also, I think I seem 4w5 to outsiders cause' of my introversion and my "intellectualness". I learn out of interest, not to be capable. Also, as much as I worry about my intelligence, my ditziness doesn't bother me too much most days unless it gets in the way of my goals. I do minimize my resources too, but most of the time it's because 1). I don't feel like asking for it. 2) I need money, and more money=more goals 3) If it's not a desperate situation, I'll be fine. So, I don't think it's inherently 5. People seem to think I'm 5 wing because I don't garner much attention, but that's on them because I'm trying my hardest.