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Your top three tests

Ghost of the dead horse

filling some space
Sep 7, 2007
Which three tests you would do if money was no objection?

In Finland we have court ordered thorough mental examination, and per my psychotherapeut friend, that is the most fucking extensive examination there is. I mean, that examination is like a hundred regular examinations put together. Yeah sure I would love to hear all about myself per that examination, "mielentilatutkimus", but I'm not going to make aggravated assault, murder, or several murders to qualify for that. So. That is something money can't buy. I'd like myself one "mielentilatutkimus". That's #1.

Then, I'd like the MMPI. Yeah I'd like that very much. Like am I a narcist, liar, etc. Cool stuff. I would totally use that. I'm trying to be more than half sane, and I'm able to learn and alter my habits and mindset. So totally would do MMPI.

Also, if someone tests for dementia, I would do that. Sometimes I can't recall some aspects of some of the frameworks I'm quite familiar with. Yeah I would like to have my tested for dementia.

Honorable mentions for tests that don't qualify for positions 1-3 for me, in no particular order: IQ test (WAIS), AUDIT, DISC, MBTI


Dec 21, 2013
Full body checkup

Genetic disorder screening test

Allergies testing