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Activating the three centres.


Active member
Feb 5, 2015
I was presently surprised to hear someone actually give a down to earth explain of how to activate the three centres and give an explanation of what is taking place in the process. I don't agree with his explanation of three centres emotional centre and head centre model. But he is correct in the method of activating the three centres. The part about slower breath out longer breath in maybe true I have never paid attention to that aspect for me the harmony or resinous becomes active when a small like black void develops in the centre of my attention as I have my eyes closed and then the resinous fills awareness felt. And it's true the three locations in the body are active within awareness but it is the harmony the residence created that is the focus that is what is gained. Then I was in primary school grade five and six after I discovered how to switch on, each morning upon awaking I would sit on the end of my bed and switch on my heart within a moment by activating the three centres as described in this video. I never had words of how to describe the process until watching this video.

The video only describes how to activate the three centres it does not describe enlarging the energy and use of receptivity and other actions that can take place within via utilisation of the nine energies.

If you want to find your centre this explanation is a good starting point to begin from.

Bringing Harmony to the Centers: Frequency is the Key​