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Vinsmoke Sanji [ENFJ] - Why he's an Fe dom and not a Te or Si user, One Piece MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
Sanji MBTI

Sanji ENFJ - Vinsmoke Sanji MBTI Type ENFJ

Sanji MBTI Type is ENFJ - One Piece MBTI Types

Here's a One Piece Myers-Briggs Post on why Sanji is ENFJ in my opinion. He uses Fe and Ni and is ENFJ and I'll explain why I think so.

So I've noticed a lot of confusion with this character. Sanji is one of the most misunderstood characters in One Piece and I think this translates into MBTI as well. I've seen him in my opinion mistyped ESTJ and ESFJ, and I'm here to argue and explain my opinion on why Sanji is a clear ENFJ. Sanji is not a Te user but rather an Fe user and uses it all the time in the series. He definitely looks like an Si user on the surface but I believe most of that and his chivalry actually solely comes from his Fe mostly, and he's actually an Ni user if you look at him and pay attention to his character and actions in the story and series. Here's my argument for why Sanji is ENFJ.

Sanji is emotional and driven by his pride and belief system of chivalry and caring for women. He believes in treating women right and expects everyone on the planet to respect and treat all women properly and wants to meet their emotional needs. His beliefs are taught by Zeff and driven by his ideals that he grew up with and his personality. Sanji cares a lot about other peoples emotions and caring for the emotional state of women especially. He believes women should be treated right and is always serving them and wondering if people and women's emotional state are good and satisfied. He's very giving and he's always asking Nami or Robin are they ok and if they had enough food or drinks, do they need anything else, just ask and I'll get you everything you need, this is Fe, caring about the emotional state of others and reading their emotions and being in tune with them. Sanji has a societal expectation of respecting all women in the world and expects every man to do the same and if they don't and even worse hurt women in any situation he looks down on them and sees them as less than a man and person. We even see Sanji say this in the Arlong arc toward Korubi saying Luffy is a better person than you or the other fishman Arlong pirates cause at least he's not hurting a lady and forcing her to stay with them. Sanji is emotional, cries plenty of time, reads people's emotions, has hearts in his eyes, and is always caring for and asking about the emotional state of others constantly all the time in the series, some might say some of these points in this sentence are shallow simple stereotypes that doesn't fully prove Fe like crying and so on. And normally I would agree, in most cases that that's not enough I do agree on. Usopp is ENTP in my opinion and he's emotional as hell, but Sanji time and time again has proven to be emotional and feeding off of and reading peoples emotions in the series. And he has shown to want to serve other people and help them and their emotional state and to check how they're doing and desires to take care of them on a constant basis, especially for women! Sanji's Fe has been clear and obvious in my opinion, I'm surprised people mistake Te for him when its totally not there I feel, at least in his conscious main four functions. Sanji is not logical and doesn't care about Te efficiency and task orientation, he's structured, helps people stay on task and is organized but he's not logical and, to the point, and blunt task oriented like Te users are, he does it perfectly like Fe users, they're organized and stay on task too just in a emotional way. Sanji is always thinking of peoples emotions and is very kind and is always thinking about people's feelings and emotions and tries to reassure and make them feel better or is looking out for them and their emotions with his decision making in the series.

Most of Sanji's chivalry comes from his Fe, and I've come to understand this overtime. Examples of Sanji's Fe, the millions of times he asked Nami-san do you need anymore drinks? Are you feeling ok? Are you satisfied? I'll do anything for you, just ask and I'm there. He cooks for them and meets their emotional needs and lives to serve them and make them feel happy. Walking up to Vivi as Ms. Wednesday and offering his hand to help her up with his Fe manners. Sanji stopping Chopper and saying, you can't go after him, you need to understand how Usopp is feeling. Him putting his familys emotions and needs before his own and wanting to save them and thinking about them no matter how bad they treated him, this is typical Fe. Of course Fi user can want to help others and put other peoples needs over their own, but Fe is more known for it by definition in general. Sanji put his family's needs and lives over his own just like an Fe user would and ENFJ would do in that situation, his panel of him crying while saying that and admitting this too Luffy showcased that and all the Fe in Sanji. Sanji says imagine how miserable it would make Usopp feel if Chopper ran off and pitied him to treat him after losing a serious duel that he started against Luffy. Sanji is focused on Usopp's emotional state and is thinking ahead on how he would feel if Chopper treated him right after the fight, this is pure Fe in Sanji not Te at all. Sanji is focused on Usopp's suffering and emotional state in that scene as he says to Chopper himself, this scene is a major moment of Fe for Sanji in the series. Sanji helping Duval and fixing his face when he didn't need too was another Fe moment and helpful thing he did without asking, he also does this when he puts needs of his crew and protects them by going with Bege to Big Mom, and so on with other examples. Sanji also does things for random people and helps no matter who they are, like Gin as a famous example and countless other times in the story, which is typical Fe, and the Gin example also reinforces his Fe of nobody should go hungry and I need to make sure they feel good and happy if they're starving in front of me, he even says “damn good right!?” and Gin cries and says yeah and tells him he’s greatful and so on again showing in Sanji he cares about the persons emotional state and if Gin down to his stomach and heart feels happy and relieved he’s eating and alive after near death starvation experience he just had, this is major Fe coming out with Sanji here with this line he says and caring about if it tastes and if Gin feels good after starving for so long without good food to eat or anything eat or drink for that matter. Sanji not deciding to hit Kalifa because of his chivalry again was Fe. Sanji is not an Fi user, his values don't come from within but instead is directed outwards and is focused on society and his view and values of how other people should be when treating women and he again believes all people and men should treat women with respect and emotionally good and well, its a society based expectation Sanji believes in, this is all Fe in Sanji coming out again. Sanji being indebted to Zeff was Fe again and not wanting to leave to repay him. He didn't judge and cared for Pudding and her emotions and compliments her eye even after finding out the truth about her and after everything that happened, Fe again in Sanji. The list goes on. I used to type Sanji ESFJ at once point cause I thought he used clear Fe along with Si to shape him. And I fully understand this typing and concept trust me, Sanji definitely looks like an Si user on the surface and you could argue some of these examples are Si, I fully understand But I think most if not all these examples are Fe and Sanji isn't an Si user at all even if he looks like one at times. And here's why he's isn't one.

I'm going to explain why Sanji is an Ni user now since I feel I drove my point home with Fe above. Sanji is intuitive and we see several examples of this in the story. Sanji tells Zoro after smoking his cigarette and blowing smoke in the air that do you really believe Nami was telling the truth right then? And then he proceeds to tell him why he thinks this, Sanji is insightful and sees things behind the scenes and is always looking at the bigger picture and what's actually going on behind the surface with things and making connections, this is Ni in Sanji coming out. Sanji is future oriented and idealistic and is always thinking ahead like an Ni user would and in that style. Sanji uses his Ni again when he answers the phone in little garden and immediately says this is the damn restaurant may I take your order, he doesn't give his name or indicate he's a pirate to let the other person on the phone he might be someone else or suspicious even when Sanji has idea who it is on the phone. Eventually he finds out who's on the phone and fools Crocodile that their dead and planned ahead here and made him stop chasing them, Ni in Sanji. Sanji uses Ni once again when he made that whole plan with Mr. Prince to trick Crocodile and make him come outside and think he was captured another major Ni moment for Sanji. He does this once again in Enies Lobby with his plan, Si users are great planners to and strategist but they plan differently based on past experiences and what worked in the past and what's most secure to them based on what their Si knows and picks up on in a situation, Sanji does not do this. He always one step ahead of everyone and is planning ahead and is very future oriented with his thinking and the plans he comes up with. His Ni planning comes up constantly in the series, the flying fish riders is another example to bring up but I'll be here all day if I mention them all so here's all the major Ni moments I'll mention here before for Sanji and why he's a clear intuitive and Ni users. Like I said Sanji is always reading the situation and seeing behind the scenes with his Ni as well, he tells Chopper in Water 7 don't believe a lady when she was lying and always forgive her, showing again just like with Nami he sees behind Robin with his Ni and Fe too I'll mention and doesn't for a second believe or doubt Robin despite her act she gave and knows there's something more going on with Robin no matter how believe Robin looked when she rejected them earlier, all Ni moments in Sanji. Sanji is very intuitive and this all explains why and his Ni in the series.

Sanji is also very idealist and a huge dreamer. Everyone on the ship has dreams and intuitives and NFs aren't the only dreamers in the world with big crazy ambitions and goals. But NFs are more known for it and being the biggest dreamers among the temperaments. And Sanji's dream is one of the most idealistic among the bunch. His All Blue dream fits perfectly with him being an NF and ENFJ. Zeff has the same All Blue dream too and I type him ESTJ but he's simply a practical sensor SJ man with an idealistic dream and he has Ne too. Sanji's dreamer side comes out more from his Ni coupled with his Fe to make him idealistic and Sanji is obviously seen as the more idealistic and emotional one of the two since Sanji's face lights up like we saw in the East Blue Saga during the Baratie arc when Zeff looked at him and saw how happy he looked, Zeff believes in the dream and gets happy upon thinking of it but he's not as idealistic as Sanji and his face doesn't like up just like Sanji's does when the All Blue comes up with his childlike, happy innocent smile he gave in the arc which is more of an NF trait more than anyone else. Sanji is also always seen daydreaming and idolizing things in his head, he dreams about women and mermaids and wants to go to fishman island to see the mermaids early on in the series and it comes up over and over again in his mind and through characters telling him more as the series progresses. The amount of times Sanji idealizes Robin and Nami in his head is too many to count, and he dreams of mermaids all the time constantly in the series. Also Sanji is shown living in the moment fairly well plenty of times and focusing on the task at hand and reacting to and taking in details around him when he's not using his Ni to be future oriented and insightful. And his inferior Ti is clear when he does stupid illogical things at times and gives into his Fe chivalry over logical inconsistency and what logically makes sense in a situation, we see this behavior when he doesn't touch Caulifa once when he should in this situation and his chivalry doesnt matter as much when Robin is about to be taken away and he needs to think logically here and get the key no matter what for the greater cause to save her, but his Fe society chivalry values get in the way anyway and then Nami hits him and calls him stupid for it. He also shows this illogical stupidity when he lets himself get a nosebleed on Fishman Island and almost dies, he also gave into his tertiary Se by living in the moment and focused on the pleasure he was feeling. He also does this again similarly when he gets perverted and throws himself at women even if they're bad and obviously an evil shady woman trying to deceive him, showing low Ti with him not being logical and noticing inconsistencies with bad women and trying to see their true intentions. He does plenty of times and did this similarly with Viola when he gave into his idealism and romantic and idealistic loving nature which is an NF stereotype even if all types have idealism in them. Sanji consistently let's his emotions and Fe take over and fails to look at obvious situations logically when he's infatuated and completely misses things and the truth and logical details he should be seeing if he just tried to stop being emotional all the time and holds back his affection for women which is very hard for Sanji to do as we've seen time and time again. That's why I definitely see Sanji as an ENFJ, hope you enjoyed reading and share your opinions down below. If your curious I type Luffy ENFP and will do another post on him soon since my old post, I type Zoro ISTP, Nami ESFJ, Robin INTJ, Franky ESTP, Chopper INFP, Brook ESFP and so on. You can read more about that hear and my thoughts:

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