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The Gratitude Thread

Infinite Metamorphosis

Jan 17, 2018
My flaws - for humbling me, quelling my anger, and helping me to be more patient and understanding with others' flaws (when they actually take responsibility and strive to be decent people, instead of expecting everyone to tolerate their garbage or instead of shifting blame).

For the crazy, fucked up life I've had that I could (and might) honestly write a book about - for giving me the chance to grow into someone highly persevering, determined to devour whatever stands in my way on the trail I blaze to health, happiness, and my own idea of success in my endeavors--not to be mistaken for status / image bullshit. I mean success in doing what I set out to do because I want it out of life.

Growing up surrounded by abuse: two narcissists, my only sibling, bullied by peers, family members who were 'narcissistic agents' aka 'flying monkeys' abusing by extension via being the blind and ignorant puppets of a covert narcissist...basically having it from every direction - so I got the opportunity to learn endurance, methods for navigating through darkness, higher recognition of toxic people, a greater appreciation for the positives in life now that I've learned they actually exist and life isn't supposed to be as hellish as mine has always been. Grateful for the ability to see most average, everyday 'difficulties' as a walk in the park since I'm accustomed to persevering through much harder situations.


just sailing for proofs
Dec 1, 2011
Being able to tell others to f* off and not speak for me, because it's irritating, and not even close to a decent portrayal of my perceptions.

Siúil a Rúin

To the waters of the wild
Apr 23, 2007
Instinctual Variant
I just ate a can of tropical fruit cocktail and added whipped cream and you would not believe how delicious that was. Quite shocking.