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Shortened Luscher Color Test


Jul 2, 2017
Instinctual Variant
1. Blue
2. Black
3. Gray
4. Red
5. Violet
6. Green
7. Yellow

My favorite color is Navy which is dark blue. :)

BLUE represents calmness and loyalty. A person who favours blue is sensitive and easily hurt. You never panic and are in total control of your life and content with the way it is going. You desire to lead an uncomplicated and worry-free life and are prepared to sacrifice certain goals in order to achieve this. You need a stable relationship without conflict. Perhaps, as a side effect of contentment, you tend to put on weight.

BLACK is the negetion of colour and means 'No'. Anyone who chooses it in the first position(which is rare) is in revolt against their fate. Chosen second, it means you are prepared to give up everything else to achieve what you want.

GREY is a neutral and represents a point between two contrasting and motivations.

RED represents passion and energy.

Often VIOLET appears in the later part of the sequence, it indicates that the person choosing it is more mature and has outgrown the 'fantasy' vision of life, confronting harsh reality head-on.

GREEN represents firmness amd resistence to change. If green is a later choice, your ego has been bruised and you have been humbled by the resistence to your progress. Consequently you can be highly critical, sarcastic and stubborn.

YELLOW represents happiness and relaxation When yellow is in the later part of the spectrum, you have had your hopes and dreams dashed and you feel isolated and disappointed, often becoming defensive and withdrawn.

If BROWN is in eighth place, you don't care enough for your body:you may not be as healthy as you think. Yap inf Se. :D


Alongside Questionable Clarity
Jun 27, 2017
Instinctual Variant
1. Brown
2. Yellow
3. Grey
4. Violet
5. Black
6. Green
7. Blue
8. Red

If you choose brown as your favourite colour, you are restless and insecure. (lol not wrong)

YELLOW represents happiness and relaxation. Anyone who chooses yellow in second, third or fourth place is positive, optimistic person who always looks to the future - never backwards. You find life easy, and problems simply do not exist for you. Free from worry, you lead a carefree life; but this does not mean that you are lazy. You can be extremely hard-working, although not consistently.

The later blue appears in the sequence, the more unsatisfied you are and the more you feel the need to break from the ties that restrict you. But you probably aren't unfeeling enough to walk out on a family or job; instead, you will suffer in silence.

Red in the seventh or eighth position means your desire for life and thirst for adventure have become less