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Nature Tale


Active member
Jun 21, 2009
If this is more appropriate to philosophy mods can move it but I am thinking about psychology when I ask the question.

What do you think is meant by the tale of the frog and the scorpion?

The scorpion asks the frog to cross the river on his back, the frog asks him to swear not to sting him.

They set out across the river with the scorpion on the frog's back and the scorpion stings him and he is poisoned.

The frog says "why did you do this? Now I will die and you will drown in the river" and the scorpion replies "what did you expect? It is my nature".

Is this simply about expecting animals to be animals or do you think it is an analogy about human nature/psychology? If it is an analogy what does it mean? That people possess deterministic natures/psychology/behavioural traits that they will or are compelled to conform to?