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[Traditional Enneagram] Meyers Briggs Tests and The Enneagram – A Strong Correlation


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Mar 26, 2017
I'm not sure whether you understood what I meant or not, so to clarify, I mean that many people mistype themselves at one point or another. So just taking whatever type someone has listed as the actual type they may not be accurate.

I partially got your mistype point, but...

The few scientific part of MBTI and typology - the part that does make it further from typology and closer from at least "soft" science - are the evidence given by self-report tests. Science is done by empiricism (most types engaged on science are INTP, INTJ and ENTP, not Te doms or lots of sensors), regardless of typology, and today there is no real escape from that (although formulating hypothesis will require lots of theory).

So, it is what we got, and it isnt really bad. Could be better, but I dont think its bad. The results from here are not much different from eilamona and there is even a third and fourth one from independent sources I had looked in the past that in general are the same.

PS: I just mean an explanation, I know that you are far from being a chrloroquiner in this department.

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Aug 4, 2020
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Makes sense. It's probably just my Te talking.