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[MBTI General] I'm convinced that becoming an Fi dom is the result of stunned mental growth


Jan 17, 2022
I cannot possible see Fi doms as anything other than being completely inferior to any other non-Fi dom type out there.

What you could possibliy do with Fi? Lamenthing over your "Values"? Wow, so cool, I couldn't possibly want to jump off a bridge because of how boring and useless this trait is. I'm convinced that being an Fi dom is the product of your suffering during your youth (being bullied, abused, growing in unhealthy conditions), which did not give you enough room for healthy mental growth to grow into actual good types, such as INTJ, ENTJ, ESTJ, ESTP, etc... Types that actualy have traits which are good for day to day life in the modern world.

"But charus, Fi has perks, they changed the world and society as we-" Shut up!

The world does not revolve around the Fi's values, thats a fact. Tell me, who will give a shit about your values when you are at a job interviev? "Oh I value X and Y" Who gives a shit? You are marrying a woman, the woman wont give a shit about your "Values", since releationships are all about compromising your values, the sole purpose a woman wants to marry you was to build a family, y'know? Again, Fi is useless, I cannot see any perks with this stupid function other than "Haha, look, I am so special and unique and standoff'ish and I'm gonna be annoying about it".

I'm desparatedly hoping that me being typed ISFP 4w3 was a huge mistake, there is no way I would share the same type with that highschool Emo goth "Misunderstood" girl or those Tumblr Scene phase clowns who follows that Special snowflake mentality, fucking ugh, disgusting and repulsive.
Ah well, we can't all be perfect...


The singularity hive
May 27, 2017
Instinctual Variant
Since this thread is surprisingly still alive, I would like to hear what differenates between an ISFP and an INTJ?

To be honest, I'm trying to find differences between an ISFP and an INTJ, other than just "ISFP is connected to his 5 senses" and "INTJ loves organising" which vaguely tell anything since both of those are too superficial to distinguish.

This thread came from my immaturity, of misunderstanding how values supposed to work or operate, which as obvious as it sounds; operate differently for each individual. In case how I operate my values, I view them from objective standpoint, I always measure my values whether they are fitting this current situation or how they would operate or fit within certain systems, I think in terms of what I bring to the table, this includes in both in building releationships, or given situations that require certain skillsets. For me, my values are the amount of resources that are available to me, that build up and measure my skill, ideas and abilities, since those are the things that measure me in terms of being as an individual, I engage in things that I personaly in my ability can spend my energy on, something that would intrigue me.

My biggest fear especialy is that I would appear as unskilled, untalented and incompetent to others, so I often times ponder on what kind of strengths and weaknesses I have, and I try to broaden my perspective on things, where I could improve myself in. For example, I want to learn to cook many things, because this is what other people tends to respect, It's kind of other's expectations tend to become my values, but then I can find it sometimes overbearing.

The issue however, since I attempt to work on those things, I quickly become fatigued from all of those activities, such as for example exercising, which requires a good amount of attention on your body, but I never liked sports to be honest, since I tend to become too tired and fatiqued too quickly from those physical activities, so most of my "Sensory" activties are mostly video games, watching youtube, and sometimes eating, since those are the things that fill in my sensory world, without too much painful stimuli that I am terrible at handling.

I too have 'values', for example how I would build my own unique taste for music? Or building my own fashion style, to appear cool and flashy, I find usualy that my values always serve my ideas, and patterns that I have gathered in the abstract world of my own inner world of fantasy and imagination.

The reason for the existence of this whole thread is because of how ISFP's are being perceived commonly. During the era that I used to be in that one toxic discord typology discord server, almost everyone labeled me as the try-harding edgelord ISFP, which made me hate being an ISFP with every single cell of my body, because they forced this toxic belief down my throat that I am just some useless, talentless and worthless ISFP that deserves no respect, followed with the "Oh, he is Charus, he is a lolcow that nobody takes seriously haha lol" circlejerk.

Thankfully, I left that server, and I am no longer constricted by those clowns who use typology as a scapegoat for escape. Majority of them we're self-typed ISTP's, ESTP's, ENTP's, ENTJ's and even ESTJ's who tried too hard to act like they are the coolest shit ever because "Oh, I am an ENTP, I'm so cool and devils advocate!!", and disparage everyone who does not agree with their commonly held opinions of MBTI types which most of them are dubiously invalid.

I'm set on being an INTJ. And I know, I use my INTJ label as a scapegoat too, which is obviously immature on my part, even if it is indeed my type, but atleast I'm trying to be more self-aware and not trying to act arrogant, because It's silly and a misuse of how typology is supposed to be used, a tool of what you make out of it to help you.
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