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Does Naranjo allow for comorbidities with personality disorders?


New member
Mar 20, 2024
I have a copy of Character and Neurosis somewhere that I can’t find. As y’all may know, in it Naranjo correlates the Enneatypes except for type 3 with various personality disorders. I’m wondering, does his system allow for eg a 4 with Borderline PD and Histrionic PD, or is everyone with a certain personality disorder automatically the corresponding type?


Mar 4, 2024
The two nicknames for core 3, Deceit and Vanity, as well as descriptions of the core type, makes me believe that the personality disorders that could be associated with E3 are Borderline (further corroborated by heart triad/3w4) as well as OCD. I guess Narcissism could fit it too, to some extent (3w2)


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Feb 5, 2015
I think three's fear is fracturing. And an image focus is one way to guard against your model of the world simply fracturing. It's an adequate Sudo bifurcation.

Having an authentic understanding of the human mind and human condition is an authentic catalyst to prevent a fear of fracturing taking place.

There are several ways make sense of human person and a question like Does Naranjo allow for comorbidities with personality disorders?

When I think of type three, I think of a puzzle that has eleven peace's and two spaces of equal size to all eleven peace's that can move within the borders of the puzzle frame. Maybe because I'm a nine I can or could solicit this reaction from type threes.

Why eleven you may be thinking and why two spaces missing what has this to do with personality?

Well, I have never witnessed a type three who has been centred in their sub-Conches and projected true personality. So, there are the two missing parts. As for the other eleven that's simple. Divide one hundred and eight by nine and the sum is eleven. Eighteen subtypes with six instinctual variants.

The hole brain model fit nicely with this construct. But it requires the three persuasions. Three fours are twelve. Four triangles within a triangle, each triangle having three plain that make it a triangle. It was a fascinating model. At the time I conceived of it I was writing a compulsory final essay on Aristotal's three persuasions, Ethos, Pathos, Logos. Anyway. I won't get into that I found once I understood the pattern it was simpler than the enneagram to impression an individual's personality subjectively.

So, my point is Naranjo most likely allowed for comorbidities within personality disorders because there are eleven expressions for each of the nine-point types.

way not I might just post my favourite work of art.

Screenshot (64).png

Did you know something like a billion to a trillion neutrino's pass through your body each second and they transform between there six forms one form of neutrino into another form of neutrino? Now that gets me excited thinking about the authentic self and the six instinctual variants and the workings of the Helix.

Screenshot (63).png

Did you realise the construct of the four quadrants within the four triangles making the larger triangle? Don't think of the centre as being the hole brain. Persuasion equal biases in-play.

If you favour quadrant C you have two leanings to B and D and could! overcompensate all along utilising quadrant A. Quadrant: A, there for is the central triangle.

Begin with an individual in mind. Thats one method. The other I will allow you to discover for yourself it is trickier.
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