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    You remind me of an INTJ. It's like a reflection of my four preferences at that age, if I we're a girl. (I'm not saying this in all certainty that I actually relate to you) You are a girl right?

    Anyway you're not extremely "T," but your others I N J are obvious to me, and you tested that way. What good is a theory if its not tested?

    Even if you don't mentally relate to anyone, do you relate to any INTJ profile you have read?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    How come I can't understand other INTJs on this forum, then?
    I don't understand anyone in a real way. It's simply a sign of intelligence/maturity/whatever at a young age to admit you don't understand anyone. Because it's true. You're only 16 and you're different.

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