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    Default Trying to work out if I'm really an ENTP

    Hi everyone, recently I've been learning about the MBTI types and I've tried to type myself. Most sites give ENTP and I mostly agree with that description (cognitive stack makes sense as well) but some have typed as INTP and I'm even unsure whether I'm I/E, or S/N, or J/P. Feels like T is all I'm sure of!

    1) Context:
    a) What is your age range and general location (Country so that cultural values can be taken into account)? Do you have any impairments that may affect the way that you answer this questionnaire? Any religious or political beliefs (or anything else along those lines) that also might have an effect?
    18 years old, Australian. No impairments and no beliefs that are too off the wall!

    b) Which types are you currently considering? Why are you considering them and why haven’t you decided on one?
    I'm mainly tossing up ENTP, ENTJ, INTP, and maybe the S versions as well. I'm tossing them up because I've been typed as multiple (mainly ENTP though) and feel like I could be either N or S - i'm really not sure.

    2) What do you deem as your purpose in life?
    That's a tough one. I would say, to make the most of every moment I have, and to strive to do everything I can with whatever I have. To push this world to its limits because taking this world as it is is just not enough for me.

    3) Of the seven deadly sins, which one(s) do you relate to the most and the least and why?
    I relate to a few. Wrath is one because sometimes I can get extremely angry, but that's normally in really short bursts and very rare - normally I'm pretty chill and collected. Pride is another one, I've always been so sure of myself that failure makes me feel like the world is falling apart. Envy also works, often I'm jealous of other's success (whether romantic, social, academic, etc.)

    4) Analyzing your relationships with others, briefly describe:
    a) The type of people you are drawn to
    My favorite type of people are people I can talk to about the most wierd and convoluted stuff for hours on end. We can bounce ideas between each other building them up over time even though we know most of them are complete horseshit. They're normally pretty chill and don't really care much about things, as in they don't take anything to heart, but still want to be involved in the world. They understand that arguments are not the same as conflict, and that debating for hours over a topic doesn't mean our relationship is damaged at all.

    b) The type of people who are drawn to you
    Not really sure, I'm friends with lots of people and they're all pretty different. I think people who are drawn to me like me because I'm easygoing and don't take anything too seriously, but at the same time I feel like lots of people hang around me because it's easy and I never cause conflict or stir shit and I'm just easy to hang around - not because they really want to know me well.

    c) The type of people you are repulsed by
    I hate people who are shallow, who see this world as nothing more than some store to pick and choose from. I don't like people who cause conflict willingly, who are abrasive or difficult to talk to or get along with. I also don't like people who take things literally, especially because I'm highly ironic in the way I act and can't get along with someone who takes everything seriously.

    5)What are the traits in others that you admire but you cannot emulate yourself? Elaborate.
    I really respect people who are extremely kind and caring. While I am always happy to talk to people and help them sort out their problems, it's always more solution-driven than actually wanting to make them feel better. I find it difficult to relate to people on an emotional level and I can't help but put my own interests first.

    6) Describe your relationship with the following:
    a) Anger
    Anger is both my greatest weapon and my greatest weakness. I have a lot of it stored away, and often I can use it as a driving force, turning it into determination so that I can do anything I put my mind to. But on the other hand if it gets out of control I can say and do horrible things and lash out against those I love.

    b) Shame
    I don't really feel shame normally. Once I've done something it's done, nothing I can do to change that. Not much else to say here.

    c) Fear
    I see fear as two types, there's practical fear (like the fear of fire or snakes) which is natural and really important because it obviously keeps you alive! But there's also true fear, and I would say my biggest real fear is failure. Failing to achieve a goal, to do something that I want to do, to achieve the future I envisioned for myself, that's my biggest fear.

    d) Love/passion
    I don't think I've ever felt love. Maybe someday I will but I've never been in love and I don't think I would fall in love unless it was with someone who truly understood me and saw me for who I am. As for passion, I don't really care much for it. I have a huge amount of dedication and determination but that's more cold drive than actual burning passion.

    e) Conflict
    Don't like conflict, it's harsh, abrasive, and generally speaking doesn't get anywhere. I try to avoid it whenever i can and never ever start it. That said I will happily argue out an issue but once the issue is put down the conflict is put down, it doesn't carry forward in the relationship.

    7) What are some of the themes that have played a prominent role in your life (ie. A struggle you’ve been unable to conquer, ect)?
    Staying on top of my mind has always been an issue, I tend to have so many ideas and things firing off, my mind is like a hummingbird that never stays in the same spot for long. If it goes on for too long and I can't organise it, I tend to become overwhelmed and highly stressed. Honing my ability to organise and collate the thousands of things my mind comes up with and focuses on has been a very important mission for me.
    Another struggle has been finding friends. Only in late 2017 did I find a good friend group that really accepted me, and only this year did I start making a lot of friends, regularly going to parties, etc. But I've been having way more fun than ever actually interacting with people really often.

    8) Answer only one of the following:
    a) [College aged and above] What is your area of work/study? Why did you choose this and would you change it? If so, what would be your ideal?

    b)[Under college aged] What do you plan on studying/working as in the future? How did you go about deciding this? If this is not your ideal area of pursuit, what would be?
    Going to study computer science and physics. Computer science is because I love the idea of getting huge amounts of data and programming AI/machine learning to dissect it and find patterns and trends in it.
    Physics is because I am obsessed with learning more about this crazy universe and solving its deepest mysteries.

    9) When meeting a new person, what do you tend to focus on?
    Whether they seem easygoing and how seriously they tend to take things. That determines whether I want to stay around them (if they take things too seriously or have an abrasive personality I don't want to be near them for too long). From there it's more how long we can talk for, what sort of topics we can discuss, and whether we can go beyond the surface level of common interests and actually discuss really interesting topics.

    10) How do you feel about humanity as a whole? What do you feel are some of the biggest problems the human race faces and why?
    Humanity has come as far as it has because humans have a drive, a motivation, a determination to always find more in life than what they have, that no other animal has. That said the biggest threat to humanity is itself. If we keep turning against ourself we'll never be able to truly progress further.

    11) What are some of your hobbies and interests?
    I love listening to music, as well as composing music (not that I'm amazing at it). I also love reading about and learning about maths and physics, as well as any other topic that fascinates me. I love going to parties or just hanging out with friends. Playing video games is also fun. Honestly when it comes to hobbies I tend to pick up and put down things really fast, I can't commit myself to one hobby or interest for a really long time.

    13) How do you usually “hang out” with your friend(s)? When answering, think about what activities you tend to choose, whether you hang out with one person at once or many, whether or not you initiate the interaction.
    Normally with many people. Often it's parties which involves drinking lots of alcohol and doing stupid things. I often initiate it, but if someone else suggests something I'm always going to go along with it - staying at home by myself is incredibly boring and hanging out with friends always makes me feel relaxed and better about life. If it's not going to parties, we might just go to someone's house, do something off the cuff, or meet up somewhere and just do whatever we feel like.

    14) What is more important, actions or words? Why?
    Actions, of course. Words are just sounds that we produce but actions are what truly show who you are, what you're capable of, and what you'll do when the shit hits the fan.

    15) Oh dear, you’ve been cursed by a witch! It’s ok though, you get a choice on which curse you will receive. Will you choose….
    a) To never be able to experience the sensation of taste
    b) To be immortal
    c) To lose your memories
    d) To be poor for the rest of your life
    e) Or to never experience passion
    Elaborate on why!
    c) would be horrible, my memories make up a lot of who I am and my past mistakes make up what I'll never do again in the future. d) I couldn't handle, never progressing in life would essentially make it all worthless.
    b) is both a curse and a blessing, on one hand it means I could do everything, go through everything this world has to offer, and progress forever without the approaching death . on the other hand death is arguably what gives life meaning, without an end to all things the things themselves don't mean much at all. a) is probably the most harmless on there, e) well I don't experience much passion but it's important, so I would go for a). All I'm really losing is food, and while food is nice it's nothing amazing compared to all the other curses. And if anything it would make it easier to eat healthy!

    16) What do you hope to avoid being? If it helps, describe a person who embodies what you avoid/you as a villain, ect.
    I hope to avoid being uptight, highly strung, easily stressed, too focused on details, unable to see the bigger picture, someone who follows blindly without seeing the endgame and the goal.

    17) How do you relate to obsession? Do you tend to "merge" with others or your interests? How do you feel about the idea of doing this?
    I often become obsessed with a person or an interest, but it's really temporary, and after a month or so it fades off and I move onto the next thing. I don't think it's healthy but I can generally keep a line between what I'm temporarily obsessed with and what is truly important.

    18) Organized or messy? Plans and blueprints or impulse and surprises? What are you preferences and tendencies?
    I like to have a messy sort of organisation. I always keep a sort of to do list which has everything that I COULD be doing to further every aspect of my life, and keep that very up to date. That said often it shifts around and I'll just go with the flow anyway, so it's often not that useful. My physical space tends to get messy very fast, I clean it up cause I don't like a messy surrounding but that doesn't do much for long. That said, whether I am highly organised with due dates and tasks or not, I always get things done. Being organised definitely isn't natural for me but forcing myself to stay organised ensures I don't get overwhelmed.

    19) How do you subjectively view comfort and how do you create comfort in your life and surroundings?
    If comfort means complacency then I hate it. For me, there's nothing worse than a holiday sitting around reading a book and doing nothing. The most comfortable situation I can be in is where all the pointless shallow things like food, sleep, etc. are sorted out and I can just fully focus on some project and commit to it (that is, until I get bored and move onto the next thing). The flow state where everything falls apart and my mind runs at 100mph flitting through possibilities and working perfectly is where I'm most comfortable.

    So what type do you think I am? Does ENTP sound right, or do I seem more I than E, more S than N, or more J than P?
    When it comes to cognitive functions I can relate most to Ti and Ne. Not sure which one is dominant and which is aux though. Fe is definitely there when it comes to being likeable and avoiding conflict but not at the forefront. Not sure if I have Si or Se.
    Thanks for reading!

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    Sounds ENTP to me.
    Of course, not fully ENTP.
    ENTPs can go for achievements too, not only ENTJs.
    Your E seems nerfed by the enviroment, even if you dont noticed (SJs and TJs are the most common types in world and they are the most common in Australia too).
    And about you being a sensor... Could be just opposing-role Se. Talking about weird stuff is not really that much ESTP..

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