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    Question Need help with typing, from a newbie!

    , I'm trying to learn more about myself to solve some problems in my life, so I'd really appreciate some help, thank you in advance! I'll list only the prominent and steady traits of mine, to avoid misunderstanding. And for a more accurate result, I'll list my own viewpoints and others'.

    From my perspectives

    - I'm a person of dignity and self-respect, so socially, I'll be polite and patient - I don't hustle or push in queue; I'm not loud or act hyper, though I'm free to express myself emotionally and making jokes. When interacting others, I do things that I can by myself, refrain from asking others, even if it is their job. I admit I hold myself in high regard and am somewhat of an elitist, but I keep to myself most of the time, I'm also unaffected by flattery and the likes and I don't do those things either.

    - Overall, I treat people with respect, I divide them into 2 groups: those that earn my respect - whom I'll be polite and courteous to and those who are not worthy - whom I despise and avoid interaction under any circumstances. I base that on my own criteria and values, if people want to know, I can be really judging and say it out loud why.

    - When I'm stress, I'm forceful both verbally and in my actions, can be intimidating and overbearing to others, I lose my poise and can be really hot-headed. Very judging, often point out mistakes or flaws in others. I also tend to say or do things that I'll regret to others, like telling them to disappear or hitting them. I can be rebellious when crossed too.

    - In relationships, I'm protective and guiding, though I can be overbearing. I have trouble in opening myself, sharing and connecting, I tend to avoid talking about how I feel or things like my happiness... somehow, I feel embarrassed and shy for no reasons. I'm also not considerate of others enough in term of their opinions or feelings - even when I think I am, I'm very stubborn, listen and accept only what I want to hear and resist the others.

    From others' perspectives

    - I'm not easy to befriend or get near, only I select and allow people to get close. I'm very intimate from the start and create a strong rapport, I invest heavily in others' emotional banks, but whether to continue, sustain or burn them is my choice only, only I push others away, not the other way around.

    - I'm like a sun, I like to shine alone, if I like someone I will warm them, if I hate someone I will burn them. I'm protective of people in my circle but I regard them as 'under' me or my guidance. I believe I'm very important to them but that is not necessarily true and sometimes the other way around is the truth.

    - I'm emotional, my emotions are visible all over my face and I can control them to some extent only. I desire and aspire a lot but don't do much.

    - I'm very judging of others. I'm very vain, I avoid interaction and avoid contact with people "below" me or "mundane" things.

    - I'm good and just overall, I hate mind games, tricks and deceits, I'm not influenced or swayed by power or wealth.

    - I'm charming, people are drawn to me naturally.

    That is all, I'm having relationship problems now and is really in need of help, so please help if you can, thank you so much for that!

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    I don't know whether you're into socionics at all but you sound like you would be in Gamma quadra. I have found socionics really helpful in understanding myself and improving relationships.

    Have you considered enneagram 3?

    Not sure on mbti I'm afraid.
    ISFJ - 2w1 - SEI

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    "am somewhat of an elitist (...) I'm not influenced or swayed by power or wealth."
    Would you mind explaining what do you mean by elitist?
    As far as I know, an elitist is influenced by wealth or power by definition.

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