Secondly Bubbles, as an ISFJ mom...but on behalf of all moms, we just want our kids to be happy. Not only that, but we tend to intuit the emotions of people around us (healthier ISFJS have learned how to separate themselves and do this less...but it is difficult for even the best of us), so it brings us down when others are upset that we care about. In her own way, your mom just wants you to feel better. I think you handled things in a good way! And I love the cute story you told! It is so true about my two boys, who live at opposite ends of the spectrum (ENFJ and ISFP), that one works with one, doesn't work with the other. I want to be a good parent and understand the best way to relate to each of them, but sometimes it can be so confusing! Just know that we love you and we're doing the best we can, too. Kids don't come with manuals (GOD, I wish they did!) and we have to figure it out as we go. Annoying or not, it all comes from a good, caring place with us!
My ISFJ mommy definitely loves me, and I love her, it's just sometimes a total miscommunication minefield! But she is trying quite hard now and sometimes looks at me and asks, "So am I doing it right? I only asked you one question this time!" It's actually really sweet. She's been getting really emotional now that I'm off to college so we've been having more one-on-one time and hugs and nostalgia rushes and more hugs.

Giggly is right, she's definitely learning! And I am too. It wouldn't kill me to talk more about myself with her.