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^Put us on the PTSD/trauma treatment squad. You'll need it.

Hell, I think I'd be able to hold my own as a field medic and an out-of-the-box thinker/ soundboard. I usually end up as the 'right hand' to whoever is in charge for that reason, ime. Decompressing, de-stressing and unloading tends to be vital to the health of those wearing the heavy mantle of leadership in such a cruel environment, I find. My guess is that we would be amazing at keeping your troops morale up and mutiny down, as well. But sure, if you wanna do this shit all by yourself, I aint stopping ya

For that matter, if there is a way to negotiate with these zombies and bring them to the peace table, we'll find it

In that case you'd be the typical occupation force left behind just after a country has been torn by an invasion, executing humanitarian missions and MOOTW (military operations other than war)