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Yosuke Hanamura [ENFP] - Persona 4 MBTI


New member
Feb 21, 2013
Yosuke MBTI ENFP - Persona 4 MBTI Types

Yosuke ENFP - Persona 4 Myers-Briggs Typings

Where do I begin, Yosuke from Persona 4. What a great character and very interesting one at that. Yosuke is a ENFP and a Ne dom and Si inferior user and I'm here to tell you why in depth with him. Let's get started.

Yosuke is intuitive, perceptive, goofy, happy go lucky, fun, easygoing, future oriented, analytical, scatter-brained, airheaded, creative, spontaneous, reckless, emotional and idealistic and very eccentric too. Yosuke is very smart and always seeing patterns all the time. He's always the one making connections and seeing patterns the most in the group, next to Chie too who's ENFP too but a different kind who's more bubbly as a girl ENFP. Yosuke is always brainstorming in is mind and coming up with new ideas and loves new ideas he comes up with or he hears from others. He's always speculating about something or mysteries and figures out investigations there trying to solve or trying to solve them the best way he can with his Ne and is generally pretty good at it. His Ne is perceptive and always picking up on things they need to move forward with something. He struggles with Si and is forgetful of details a lot of the time but he's also good at using his Si too and uses it all the time. He's always remembering important details at the right times and comparing and contrasting things from past to present with his Si in most situations and piecing things together further with his Ne based on his Si past observations. The girl that died, his Senpai, her body was found in a similar situation as the announcer he says. The guy they were told about he says who was excited his soul mate was the announcer from watching the TV at night and doing the myth, he remembered those details and pieced together without much evidence except that, that maybe Ms. Yamono the woman who also died similarly possibly might have been on that midnight channel just before she died too, Yusuke put together, Yosuke's Ne and Si put two and two together just like that and make those connections and patterns. And he pretty much does all this all the time in the game, Yosuke's Ne and Si is very strong as a ENFP character and he's a very different one compared to ENFPs like Chie.

"Plus, remember what that bear thing said? How that place is dangerous and we need to leave before the fog clears...? It also said that someones been throwing people in there. And that room with the posters on the wall...It has to have something to do with the announcers death. I mean...don't you think there's some kind of connection there? Couldn't that world and the TV has something to do with Senpai and the announcers death?" If this isn't Ne and Si then I don't know what is, he used both so much in these sentences its not even funny. Yosuke is also very curious and asking a lot of questions all the time in the game. Even going right into his next dialogue, "Well...What do you think...?" When he asks you the question on what you think about all this and what he just said, he's curious about what you think on what he said and if you agree with his Ne. "...So its not just me, huh?" "If there is a connection, then its good bet that the two of them went inside that world. That would explain the posters in that room." Yosuke's Ne and Si is off the charts, he sees and makes connections all the time, and is always seeing patterns and comparing past details to each other, he comes up with great ideas and connects new ideas together seamlessly without error or struggle, and he brainstorms multiple possibilities all the time and is fairly indecisive until he brainstorms all the ideas and possibilities in his mind and asks others what they think before moving most the time. Despite all that he's also reckless too, he's a very spontaneous person and is very easygoing as a perceiver too and ENFP.

Yosuke is a Te user and cares a lot about efficiency most the time, its not that strong in him like higher Te users but overall he uses it fairly well in the game as much as a ENFP would anyway. He's very confident, a great leader, bossy, cares about not wasting time and getting things done in a effective and efficient fashion whenever they can and when they can. He's not a organized person despite this though and is again indecisive as a person and Ne user and is also very clumsy and goofy too. He's extremely quirky and eccentric, and has a whole gag about getting giddy and having to use the bathroom all the time. He rides his bike and runs into poles and walls all the time and doesn't pay attention most the time. He's a classic airhead and very clumsy guy and Ne dom user and ENFP. He's curious of the world around him with his Ne and likes things he's sees and wonders possibilities about objects around him in the world and with people too. His mind is always in the future and never in the present as a future oriented Ne user. He's very emotional and follows his heart and inner values as a Fi user. He's also interested in a lot of things that catch his interest and is interested in thee strange and interesting and whatever is on his mind or captures his interest again too. He's a very caring guy and makes a very good friend to the protagonist and is always there for him. He's also a bit clueless at times and naive and often speaks and says things without thinking and his words end up blowing up in his face and with his sometimes common recklessness. He's very idealistic and can't stop thinking about things on his mind all the time. "From tomorrow on where gonna come here as much after school, and that includes days off" - Te in Yosuke. Yosuke is a classic ENFP guy and character and in the game his shadow even describes him as a happy go lucky guy too which is common in ENFPs. Him and Chie make for a very interesting ENFP dynamic between the two genders and differences among them as characters too. There both great characters and very interesting as well. He makes a great leader and I'm rather surprised he let you do it and be the leader when he seemed fine with what he did and was for the group, despite that he still is a great leader and character and is always the one brainstorming usually what the group should do next and even calls himself the idea guy of the group, pointing out his dom Ne there even more as a ENFP. Also Yosuke sees potential in others like he did with you choosing you leader and why. Thanks for reading and keep following as next I will do a post on Yukiko and on how she's a INFJ next. Thanks and see you next time.

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