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Ryuji Sakamoto (ESFP) The Boy with a Heart of Gold Forsaken from the Track Team


Feb 21, 2013
Ryuji MBTI ESFP - Persona 5 MBTI Types

Ryuji ESFP - Persona 5 Myers-Briggs Types

Sharing my Ryuji ESFP post here with Typology too.

Ryuji is a ESFP from Persona 5, he's a Se dom and Fi aux user, he is not a ESTP, not even close. I saw that mistype for him once and I completely disagree, Ryuji acts nothing like a ESTP and is definitely a ESFP and Fi user.

"Crap, I hear footsteps comin'! Lots of 'em!" Ryuji Se coming out in this scene as a dom Se user and ESFP character. Ryuji is a ESFP character that's always relying on his senses, notices details, and lives being fully in the moment. He's also very impulsive and spontaneous in the game and very hotheaded too. He asks why does everything have to be so complicated to morgana and struggles a bit to understand the concept Morgana is talking about at first.

He's bad at grasping concepts and ideas when Morgana explains them like with trying to explain how Kamoshida's palace works. Of course theres plenty of intelligent ESFPs out there but Ryuji's case even if he can be smart too in the game he's just bad at grasping concepts immediately. He lives by his morals and values strongly and cares a lot about authenticity showing his clear aux Fi. Morgana tells him to not be so angry and emotional and to calm down in the Kamoshida palace when there talking. Ryuji feels strongly and emotionally the entire Kamoshida scene before his Persona transformation. His Fi is stirred and pushed hard in this scene as he speaks about his dark past on the track team with him. His aux Fi is driven and he even gets roasted for being too emotional again by Kamoshida again here in this scene, his emotions are shot and pushed to his limits. His Fi is pushed so much as he says all the things he's emotionally angry about at Kamoshida in this scene and it drives him with his strong emotions and Fi moments in this scene to his ultimate Persona transformation, Captain Kidd. Things get badass and he can Joker get up and start the fight and go in as the cool rock music plays.

Ryuji at times cares about efficiency with his Te tertiary, he wants to usually hurry up and get things done and is a goal oriented person even if his Te is usually weak and he's laid back and bad at school and getting things done most the time. His Te efficiency is usually focused on things he's interested in doing like stopping a bad guy or corrupt adult or going to something fun with the group as well. He hates studying and struggles with it and procrastinates like Ann who is ENFP in her case.

Ryuji usually jumps into things without thinking and is not very future oriented and not the best planner. People roast him a lot and say he's dumb and he even admits it himself once, but he has plenty of smart moments in the game too like with speculating things Shido might do and so on and some insightful things he said in the game at different moments. He had an amazing moment when he saved the party by running and getting the life boat even with a bad leg in Shido's palace. His friends thought he was dead but in the end he made it out of the explosion somehow. He's always a great best friend and he takes responsibility for his actions, especially in the Royal Maruki content and apology he gave, all the cast apologized but Ryujis was the most genuine of them all. Ryuji is usually used for comic relief and thinks a lot things of overcomplicated and struggles to get concepts usually but despite this he's an amazing character and a amazing best friend to Joker and has a heart of gold and amazing morality in the game and it just a great person in general. He's one of my favorite ESFP characters as of late, he's up there with Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho and I love him and his character in the Persona 5 game. Thanks for reading.