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    Default After all this time (years!)...

    Yeah.. As I've grown myself to become the person I really, really want to be, I guess I'm becoming very balanced, but leaning towards ENTP. This is what the test said last time, though over the months it's been the same type, just different numbers. I have to point out that I find some of the questions a bit too confining/misguiding:


    Extravert(11%) - I do handle both Extremes well, but I believe I'm more E than the result suggests.
    iNtuitive(25%) - No doubt there. Though I use Se a lot more.
    Thinking(1%) - Yeah, this one I'm happy with.
    Perceiving(11)% - No shit! I believe I handle both extremes well here. Though I'm barely/rarely on time!

    Put it all together and the description does not feel very fitting:

    My self development has lead me from INFJ -- INTJ -- ENTP over the course of 7-8 years. I know some of you will rave about type being constant and shit, but I do not believe that at all. NOT THE SLIGHTEST! I believe as you actualize your deepest self and make your personality less dependant on your past and social programming, your real "type" shows. I'm pretty balanced now, and am grateful for that!

    PS: And in the KWML system I'm a Warrior. Love that shit!
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    Yeah, I agree that types change over time based on how you develop your functions, but I think being well-balanced isn't a good thing when it comes time to show off your skill-sets (other than being a down-right chameleon).

    Just a heads up before others might point this out: Male INFJs mistype as INTJs or INTPs often because of the whole male thinking/female feeling dichotomy, and they can project ENTP and ENFP in social situations.

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    I definitely agree with this. One of my Psych professors is not fond of the MBTI because apparently 70% of people change types at some point. The first time I took the test I got ESTJ, but now Fe is definitely my dominant function... Also, according to humanmetrics my S/N preference can change by almost 20% over the course of two weeks.
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