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    Below are lists for what processes the INTP and ISTP brains prefer based on Dario Nardi's research.

    Anyway first you need to know what the categories mean. I will also list the descriptions for each category below before the actual brain analysis results.

    Fp1 Chief Judge: Focus on explaining, making decisions, noting errors, and screening out distracting information.
    Fp2 Process Manager: Focus on process, either step-by-step for tasks, or open ended creative brainstorming, or both.
    F7 Imaginative Mimic: Mirror others' behavior, pick up skills by observing others, and make imaginative inferences.
    F3 Deductive Analyst: Follow a chain of logical deductions and backtrack to correct thinking due to reasoning errors.
    F4 Expert Classifier: Accurately place concepts by testing them against many categories at once to find a best-fit.
    F8 Grounded Believer: Evaluate people and activities in terms of like or dislike, and/or recall details with high accuracy.
    T3 Precise Speaker: Focus on content of the spoken word, attend to proper grammar, usage, enunciation and diction.
    C3 Factual Storekeeper: Easily memorize and execute steps of movement (dance steps, etc.), and/or recall facts.
    C4 Intuitive Listener: Focus on voice tone and other affective qualities of sound. Speak in a holistic way to influence.
    T4 Flowing Artist: Draw, paint, dance or otherwise use your body in a flowing, spontaneous, and/or artistic manner.
    T5 Sensitive Mediator: Attend to how others respond to you and later your behavior to get more desirable results.
    P3 Tactical Navigator: Integrate physical space, motion, and visual clues to move skillfully through the environment.
    P4 Strategic Gamer: Weigh many pros and cons, risks and uncertainties at once in order to finesse complex situations.
    T6 Purposeful Futurist: State what will surely happen in the future, and/or apply a symbolic meaning to a situation.
    O1 Visual Engineer: Mentally rotate, measure, arrange, assemble and explode objects with a focus on functionality.
    O2 Abstract Impressionist: Notice holistic themes, patterns, and relationships in photos, paintings, and similar images.

    INTP brain:
    High - Chief Judge, Deductive Analyst, Expert Classifier, Factual Storekeeper
    High-Mid - Process Manager, Imaginative Mimic, Grounded Believer, Visual Engineer
    Low-Mid - Precise Speeker, Flowing Artist, Strategic Gamer, Purposeful Futurist
    Low - Intuitive Listener, Tactical Navigator, Sensitive Mediator, Abstract Impressionist

    ISTP brain:
    High - Chief Judge, Tactical Navigator, Abstract Impressionist, Strategic Gamer
    High-Mid - Process Manager, Precise Speaker, Purposeful Futurist, Visual Engineer
    Low-Mid - Imaginative Mimic, Gorunded Believer, Intuitive Listener, Sensitive Mediator
    Low - Deductive Analyst, Expert Classifier, Factual Storekeeper, Flowing Artist

    Anyway some things INTP does well ISTP does not and vice versa.

    So, all of that being said, do you still think @jontherobot that you are ISTP or have you changed your mind?

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    I like this second set of information quite a bit more. I think my largest gripe with most assessments is that they focus on preferences instead of actual cognitive processes. This second article dabbles in the kinds of things I like to see.

    Awesome, thanks for the work on Dario Nardi's input. I've been mulling it over since you read it, but it's hard to rely on just my memory. I'll come back with input later.


    The thing that usually gets me is the focus on spatial awareness of the ISTP's. It seems quite me. I've focused, when running up stairs and across surfaces, transmitting as little energy to the floor as possible, with intent of silent running. I've noticed how it affects my calves, I've noticed how using the arch of my foot to absorb energy improves fucntionality. Just weird little things like that my whole life, about how my actions manipulate my environment - such as when I drive or ride my motorcycle - how my body positioning helps with cornering, what I can do different to improve handling. I've conducted mock invasions in my home, where I had to tactically clear my house, how I would approach various rooms with my pistol drawn. I've drawn kill tunnels in my mind, I know where to position myself should assault occur...

    At the same time though, I have large unimportant metaphysical systems built in my head. Sciences like economics and sociology are not foreign to my interest. Aren't abstract concepts not a forte of ISTP's? I guess I'll blame it on well-developed tertiary Ni.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jontherobot View Post

    At the very least I am Ti dom. I am beginning to wonder the true differences between Ne/Se... perhaps this thread should have been on that, particularly for the wider appeal. Oh well.
    Ne is aimed at the abstract.
    Se is aimed at the immediate.

    Ne=Connecting the dots.
    Se=Following the line.

    Reading from this thread you don't have the language style of an ISTP.
    You're not as economical with words--you're explanatory like an INTP.

    Does this mean you're not an ISTP? No. You could be for all I know.
    Nevertheless, I detect Ne where Se should be present.

    That denotes xNTP more than ISTP. That's all I have for ya, bud.

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    Someone once said that ISTPs are more economic with their movements than INTPs are. So, like when you're sitting down, an INTP would be more likely to fiddle and be restless, whereas the ISTP would be more likely to stay still.

    I don't think that's provable, though I feel like the same idea could be related to what they say or how they interact with people.

    Both will bullshit and hang out and have a good time, and both can be deliberate with what they have to say, but I feel like what could really make a difference is the development of an idea.

    For an INTP, there's always something whizzing around in their head that can't quite be nailed down. Like, once you start an idea, it never stops developing, because it's always evolving and changing. It's never definitively nailed down, save for maybe a handful of beliefs/opinions.

    I'll speculate that it's not the same for an ISTP, who, while gathering and assimilating new information on certain things as it comes along, is more decisive and deliberate with their thoughts. Maybe their thoughts/opinions are more likely to have a decisive end point.

    That's just what's up with me, though. I ain't been in no ISTPs head.

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