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    Quote Originally Posted by AntiheroComplex View Post
    ...I'm a little uncertain of my stacking, especially after reading this thread. I think I'm sx/sp, but these descriptions resonate more than a little bit. DJ Arendee, there was a comment you made in another thread recently, too - about sx/sp eyes having an earthy, gritty essence. I don't think mine do. (I posted a pic of them somewhere around here, now I'd actually be curious for your take on their instinctual vibe.)

    I do have exhibitionist tendencies, I usually feel like performing in some manner, and I'm sure my behaviors have made people uncomfortable many, many times.

    Well, damnit.
    Well, I've often read that ENFJ's (for some reason I am under the impression you're a socionics EIE (ENFj)) have difficulty hiding their opinions and emotions as well.

    I'd be curious to see your photo though. I don't know where it is, you'll have to link it.

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    What @Elfboy writes is also very relatable. I don't need people the way I imagine an sx/so would, and I can contain myself when I have to. A lot of people, when first meeting me, often complain that I'm very standoffish and aloof. After they get to know me, some have even described me as mellow and laid-back, in spite of the fact that I never feel that way in my own head.

    Once I decide to switch my energy on,'s on. I'm either the girl everyone spills their guts to, or the girl they want to have a good time with. Maybe both.

    Anyway, this topic isn't about me.

    @DJ Arendee, I'll probs PM you so as not to derail the thread.
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