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    Default persona vs personality

    personas are more useful than personality. to identify with your personality is to identify with the faults as well. the faults along whose seams your idea of you cracks under the pressure of shifting conditions and shifting needs. your vulnerability in constant evolution. integration is costly, especially if the environment--the games themselves--seem erratic, emotionally unaware, and selfish in nature. amidst the shifting prejudices that bind together all games, all preference structures, and all communities defined by them.

    to know what you are, to reconnect those disconnected selves that were demanded of you, the different eras and days and hours and the different masks you wore at the time, requires a knowing willingness to let go of so much of yourself simply to act, to identify with your act and yourself as actor. to dirty your own hands with the nepotism of orders of self bestowed upon you and the contradictions you must embody in order to play your role as the actor in the game that is but another actor for some unimaginable purpose.

    i realize now that a recognition of the levels of your own self-biosphere, the layers of core self to superficial self, are necessary in order to negotiate this sense of loss and to manage personal flexibility and adaptiveness to changing environments. but how do you negotiate the difference? how do you decide what you is always worth keeping, rather than allowing to become a sacrifice that you are willing to watch burn and burn with in order to get back favor from the gods?

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    Ah, such a relevant post to my ongoing thoughts. Thank you.

    I suppose its utility is about as extensive as your care for external perception allows. A long-standing desire of mine is to kill the ego indefinitely, to embody the masks I've crafted. I have heard expression that that is a cowards way out.

    I am not sure what to think.

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    I've always thought of 'persona' as a mask that you try to wear, and perhaps also a set of traits that you idealize; contrasted with 'personality' which is the set of traits that feel that you hold.

    I've also always thought that 'identifying' with the mask, "faking it 'til you make it," and so on provides a path for personal growth--so long as you recognize the persona for what it is.

    So, a point of corroboration and a different slant on what you say in the OP.

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