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“Do you know your special gift? Do you know how to reach and discover it? What if I told you the journey was worth in pursuing?


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Aug 9, 2009
“Do you know your special gift? Do you know how to reach and discover it? What if I told you the journey was worth in pursuing?

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Dare to plumb to the depths of your soul. Discover the secrets of the universe. For it appears that all of us have a secret book of wisdom that lies only in the deepest and truest depths of our soul.

In my travels in life, I have identified the tool to use in self discovery. I call it by many names, in order to be inclusive. Whether it’s the Holy Ghost, the gift of divine Insight, Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious, or my own term. I seem ‘The Universal Well Of Wisdom.”

Be prepared to be brave. Be able to face your hidden prejudices, stereotypes and fears dead on and with honest reflection. They say, “Take the path less trodden. Also to always take the high road.”

Do not be invested with ego and the false, empty external values the world loves and covets. Dare instead to be a spiritually minded individual.

If you do, I can almost guarantee peace, strength of soul, and wisdom. Only though if you give of your soul wholly and completely. As the very wise and insightful Carl Jung said, make the unconscious conscious.

The “Royal Road” to discover your gift is the unconscious. There really is no other way unless to plunge into the depths of your soul. It is only in this way, you discover your deeper, truer self. With this understanding comes the insight of your special gift.

Once you discover it, be prepared to share this gift for the betterment of humanity. Once this understanding manifests you will juggle real world responsibilities. Together with doing your great passion which is using your gift.

I say this journey is worth it. For in self discovery of a special gift, you are in a state of flow. I call it, “A heightened stare of consciousness and reaching a seemingly magical mental plateau.”

When you arrive in such a state there is a state of timelessness and effortless effort in doing your great joy. By this I mean your gift. Then it is not in no way work or drudgery, but an endorphin rich joy that lives with you till your last breath in this earth.” LightSun

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