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    Quote Originally Posted by athenian200 View Post
    It's hard for me to understand the difference between confidence and arrogance. It doesn't feel like there is one to me.

    The main reason I dislike that feeling is because it makes me think less of people who can't do what I can, especially if it's part of their job to be able to do that. For instance, once I felt condescending towards an administrator because they couldn't figure out the details of how to manipulate a database which weren't difficult for me to understand, and it seemed to me that someone who worked that closely with such a thing ought to know more about it... especially since I believed it was part of their job to understand it. And I would have found it easier to feel respect for them if I didn't understand more than they did.

    What I've found is that knowing I can do or understand something only makes me irritated with people who either can't or won't try, and creates a feeling that I'm better than them in some way. I really don't like that feeling.

    But I can understand why it brings you happiness... you're an NT, after all.
    What I don't understand is why must one be NT to enjoy challenges? I'm not one, but I sometimes like them.

    For me, tackling problems isn't really about confidence nor arrogance. The end result, if you succeeded does feel nice, but the process itself is fun. I guess the difference for me between fun and stressful is a matter of how "into" the task I am. If I'm involved in it, focus on the task such that I'm not thinking about the outcome, then I don't feel stress. Not thinking about it you see... just tackling the challenge... kind of like when you're in the game.

    The main reason I dislike that feeling is because it makes me think less of people who can't do what I can, especially if it's part of their job to be able to do that.
    Well that doesn't really apply for me. When I'm working on a problem, I'm not focusing on other people? I see the challenge as something that only pertains to myself. Whether other people can do it or not doesn't really matter. A challenge is only a challenge because I find it challenging. It might or might not be a challenge for somebody else. There are things that I can do easily that other people find difficult... and for other things, they find it dead easy but I can't do it at all. So the challenge is "relative" and I don't make that type of comparison.

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    Well said nightning, you expressed how I feel about a challenge better than I could have.

    Even if I screw-up completely, the fun is in the trying.

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
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    For something to be considered a challenge, it must be difficult. Difficult as in seems-to-be-beyond-my-current-capabilities. Of course, this is loosely defined. Getting my laundry done seems to be beyond my current (motivational) capabilities, so it's a challenge.
    Challenges stop being challenges when they become impossible. As in, literally impossible. Or, when I've given up.

    I say that for every challenge, there is a set of victory conditions that must be achieved. There must be clear goals. If there aren't any clear goals, then there is no specific thing to aim for, and therefore no specific challenge. And challenges must be specific.

    If a task turns out to be harder than I thought it would be, it has become more challenging. That kind of challenging could be either fun or very stressful. If it becomes so challenging as to be impossible or effectively impossible, I just give up.
    If a task turns out to be easier than I thought it would be, it has become less challenging. The challenge becomes more motivational. I may have lost a challenging opportunity, but there are many more challenging opportunities out there.

    There's a saying in Starcraft: "scouting the enemy is most important before you make big decisions". Of course, it's difficult to get too much feedback. If it ever gets too much, I just take the pertinent bits and throw out all the rest. My "scouting" usually comes before I make the big decision of whether or not I take on a challenge. I know I'm getting too little feedback if I don't have enough information do decide whether or not I should continue or quit.

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    Making a challege exhilarating depends on if its demanded by someone else. If I decided to do it I tend to enjoy it more until I find out I bit off more than I can possible chew and start choking.

    I tend not to seek out challenge, though, and evne then not in large increments. I dont, say, switch the game mode to hard on the second play like my INTP friend does. I just enjoy playing the game.

    The only problem with challenges is losing. I tend to beat myself up too much if I fail a challenge. I can rationalize it, but no dice, I still feel bad. That's the reason I don't seek them out because I know if I fail I'll just feel like shit.
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