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    Men: 15-24 - These are the people i probably get on along with the best.

    Men: 25-34 - I think i am to immature/silly sometimes for them.

    Men: 35-49 - Where are they??

    Women: 15-24 - I get on well with the young crowd.

    Women: 25-34 - I think they like and respect me.

    Women: 35-49 - If we are on the same wavelength then brilliant.
    “I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice my flower, you hung all your associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see—and I don't.”
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    Men: 15-24Generally ok. My baby cousins seem to like my sense of humor, I guess.. (oh- they're no longer babies- 4got!)

    Men: 25-34- We get along pretty well..

    Men: 35-49- I don't really get too close with guys in this age group (bc they tend to be married)..

    Women: 15-24- I feel like a big sis to them irl.

    Women: 25-34- We get along well. If we share the same sense of humor- we get along fantastic. I dig quirkiness.

    Women: 35-49- I get along better with women who are much older than me for some reason. least those who are young at heart/still have that vivacious attitude about them, or all around sophisticated/nice.

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    (Female, 18)

    Men: 15-24
    Mostly not aware that I exist, with the exception of my male friends in this age range.

    Men: 25-34
    Again, mostly unaware that I exist.

    Men: 35-49

    I used to work at a chain deli, and guys in this age group were always super sweet to me.

    Women: 15-24

    Hit and miss.

    Women: 25-34

    We get along pretty well, actually, although they do treat me a little differently than their peers.

    Women: 35-49
    Seem to like me just fine, generally engage me in conversation like an equal.
    "There's no need to be embarrassed about it, Mr. Spock. It happens to the birds and the bees!"

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    Male, 20.

    Men: 15-24
    Distant. Perhaps polite, often just apathetic. I have no friends in this range.

    Men: 25-34
    For some reason pay a bit more attention to me than the younger ones, don't know why. Slightly friendlier terms. One friend in this range.

    Men: 35-49

    Usually friendly and more respectful than the other ones. Don't have friends in this group, but I lot of my professors have been in this category (and older), and my professors always seem to like me.

    Women: 15-24

    Nicer to me, have more interactive relationships, but still essentially as emotionally distant as the males. Big exception is that arguably my best friend is in this category.

    Women: 25-34

    Seem to like me more than an other category listed here. I have no clue why. Don't technically have any personal friends in this range, but a lot are very friendly with me and seemed to have the potential to be friends, if I spent more time. Almost seem to seek me out... but maybe I'm crazy.

    Women: 35-49
    Like the males equivalent, but nicer and closer. Sort of maternal. They seem amused with me somehow.


    The older people get, the more they seem to like me, as an average.
    Females are friendlier and more engaging with me.
    Why? Well, I can't really tell what is going on in other peoples' heads. I can make some very rough guesses.

    I am usually refered to as being "beyond my years", and I might have a maturity about me that is easy to talk to for older people, and may also seem like a pleasant relief from other people in my age range.

    I am usually considered androgynous to feminine, and I'd say I'm a very unthreating person, including in a sexual way. All of this might be the reason I attract more friendlike attention from females.
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