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    here is an example of complicated, there was this woman who reached out to her friends son and through this compassion she felt love but later it turned to something else as he began to express certain urges in bed at night with her. later as he matured the compassion became mixed with sex and lust. so lust and compassion over lapped and it was her friends son who was 12 years her junior. complicated cause the mention of what occurred is morally reprehensible of course might be something else. i think complicated would fit there for her. if you were gonna express something like of this nature, i think you might choose
    "complicated" too. the ambiguity of "complicated" negates censure somewhat
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    I tell people I'm complicated because I know they wouldn't understand if I explained. It's my way of trying to warn them about the weirdness they will be getting into
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    I frequently say it after i've been on a tangent to someone about how i work. I am very calculated in regards to a number of things, most of which are emotions and other people.
    I think that, most often, people don't calculate their reactions and prefer to calculate more hands-on things.

    Anyway, it's frequently misunderstood and i'm either given a furrowing look of "that's involved" or a surprised look of "that's so expansive". If i don't say that i'm complicated then the other person will.
    It's why i'm so fascinated by typology. I enjoy being a special snowflake, but being knocked down to simplicity could also be exciting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by proteanmix View Post
    I'm not really sure what people mean when they say this. I heard it again last night by a friend of mine and I puzzled a bit. Usually when someone makes this comment I find they're making an excuse for behavior that is misleading and contradictory. This is not indicative of complexity to me.

    I consider myself transparent person, which means I don't try to hide or obscure the mechanics of who I am. When people say they're "complex" what do they mean? Is saying "I'm complicated" suppose to pass for self-awareness and introspection? Is it saying that I'm a deep and thoughtful person, or is is a warning that they're really self-involved?

    That phrase is almost beginning to sound hackneyed like "I'm an out of the box thinker." No one really knows what that means, but nearly everyone thinks they do it.
    I do think that its become a kind of excuse for a lot of things, could easily mean that its an excuse for reprehensible behaviour.

    I tend to believe its origin comes from Jungian psychological terms being mistranslated into the pop culture, Jung would have suggested that when archetypes mature in the psyche they become complexes, if someone has become possessed by a complex it is controlling them and they conforming to it unconsciously.

    So in a way its gone from someone saying they "complexed" to complicated, at least that's what I think when I hear of this but then I'm a fan of Jung, it is kind of similar to how people misuse Karen Horney's psychodynamic jargon and say they are conflcted when all they really mean is they are indecisive or torn between different opinions.
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