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    it's interesting that most people seem to be focusing on external things, like whether they're putting themselves in danger or trouble's way.

    to me the core difference between an impulse and spontaneous is being 'present', which i think of as related to being in the moment and as a consequence, spontaneous. impulses come from fears or desires, to escape something, to enjoy something...but they feel urgent. like something is hungry and needs to be satisfied. spontaneity comes from a place of being aware of your environment. observing both your feelings and thoughts and the situation and being able to move with it. like uniting with yourself and your environment rather than fighting something or trying to obtain something.

    the problem comes in parsing that all out in real time. like figuring out what's coming from where and why. trying to even know what i'm actually focusing on, really. i think it's scary easy to fool ourselves.
    You hem me in -- behind and before;
    you have laid your hand upon me.
    Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
    too lofty for me to attain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cm81 View Post
    geez, you banshee...
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